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  1. Lockdown got the best of me Decided to share my sadness with anybody willing to watch me feed. Pretty much first time streaming so be gentle Luv u xo
  2. I am UID 7, selling invites for $11+ VAT.
  3. Fabulous, this is a strong man. This ones for you mama
  4. 115 is the only way to play
  5. That was the norm back in the day, why you trying to flex on the remaining children that play on this server?
  6. Asylum admins about to get busy with sexual harassment claims
  7. Yung Kali-G


    You know Asylum is in the shitter when people start playing DayZ instead.
  8. Stable servers = Combat that doesnt suck ass.
  9. Performance is increasing because everyone is leaving this dead ass server.
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