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  1. fps needs to be fixed in some areas but besides that the combat/vehicles makes it fun
  2. guess story mode is pay to win now
  3. hello good sir please help us were a dying breed
  4. logitech g933s wireless and love them
  5. rippp another brother gone
  6. you are the type of person who ruins the fun everywhere you go right
  7. BDO

  8. q/e lean ftw and nice tage boyo
  9. molly percocet finally retires
  10. over the last 3 years this has been posted maybe over 100 times and the same answer from gnashes would be thanks for your feedback but it wont happen
  11. no arma server will ever unban scripters or hackers or anything of that degree because they hacked on their servers and "once a hacker always a hacker". olympus has full servers but most gangs dont fight cartels and kavala is filled with people, kinda like this server back in 2016/17
  12. +1 keep them coming