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  1. molly percocet finally retires
  2. over the last 3 years this has been posted maybe over 100 times and the same answer from gnashes would be thanks for your feedback but it wont happen
  3. no arma server will ever unban scripters or hackers or anything of that degree because they hacked on their servers and "once a hacker always a hacker". olympus has full servers but most gangs dont fight cartels and kavala is filled with people, kinda like this server back in 2016/17
  4. +1 keep them coming
  5. feels bad man
  6. the funniest part is that these retards actually believe we ddos them
  7. pls noone give him likes
  9. you ever fight church 7 times in a row and are getting sick of it... welcome to another cap 3 clicks away that you can fight that has a cap so people actually have a reason to fight it
  10. ooi nice job fellow temper member
  11. no i thought it wasnt accurate which is why i suggested one that reads "5 minutes till restart" but it is accurate lol bud never did i say that you didnt know that im just saying you read the posts above you and decided to make a stupid ass reply on a thread that was already going into the realm of dead threads
  12. alright bud im guessing you read the thread above and then just decided to post on this thread to try and prove a point that was already made in which i being a retard didnt realize the clock was accurate. after all the posts above why even post on this thread on mong
  13. welp since we have pretty much lost everyone that were legends of asylum