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  1. i would have rather played the shit on altis than fucking not play at all you just had to not use map and follow the points in the sky
  2. aint that just adaptive crosshair looking retarded
  3. holy moly im in a gang im trying to ask if people want an apd swat version on conquest
  4. At this point just comment if you want it or not because it would just be another faction and more people to fight?
  5. Anzy


    if you could build a house, his house would be proud and different
  6. also just going to add this, new maps on modded or arma created maps/points on altis and if its too much work for one person then let us send in our own creations pls and ty..
  7. holy fuck i was 15 when captain jin straight roasted my ass on stratis
  8. why apply to two gangs at once?
  9. ty for the 2nd orca shot, honestly this was nuts brother keep vibing on the beat.
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