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  2. What's in the hotfix?
  3. There can be only one Maverick on Asylum
  4. I fixed my memory leaks with selecting tbb4 in advance parameters in Arma 3 launcher ( and removing -malloc=system in launch parameters ). Also i made a new profile ingame because Bohemia stated on their forums that memory leaks can appear also from a corrupted ingame profile. After doing this i never had a memory leak.
  5. Wrong section. Please use this section of the forums :
  6. @Teddy u never get bored with me in the car
  7. Congrats on Promotion. Make us proud.

  8. any1 having problem with getting on the servers? I get the "setting up client, please wait" error.
  9. All the major cities u'll find on Altis map like Pyrgos , Athira , Neochori they actually exist in Greece.
  10. +1
  11. @JacobHarr thnx. ANd nice video btw.
  12. what's the name of the song?
  13. 1,989 x 1030 kg is the sun mass. An adult male lion weighs approx 190kg, so a trillion lions weighs 1,9 x 1014. The sun weighs far more than a trillion lions Sun wins
  14. Innocent people are paying the price for uncontrolled immigration. Sad