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  1. When were you ever here?
  2. Google i thought you left this community. Wtf are you still doing here!?!?
  3. As much as these are grest updates, do you think we'll see more "fun" updates that will guve us more to do rather than just "game enhancements"?
  4. Hey man, gingers have to stick together right?
  5. Hey man, nice bank! you really have some key skills that we are looking for in my current gang! come stop by our recruitment page. We are looking for experienced players like you!
  6. 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Why are you just going at me with insults now. Fights are meant to be fun. Its not fun when you are on your period during gang wars and just yells at everyone instead of talking like a normal human. You need some tampons
  8. ? We arent blaming you like wtf. we dont care that we lost. we are mad at you for taking the fun away retard.
  9. sssssshhhhhhhhhhh please keep that a secret... do you want me to lick you behind the ear too? $20 and its a done deal