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  1. Starting the bid for the asylum servers at $5... Do i hear $10?... No? No one? Maybe it was just sound of S3 goin down.
  2. that feeling when you live in NY
  3. Dude what are you retarded? Thats clearly a ?SYNTAX ERROR message of the COMMODORE 64 basic V2.
  4. Again... Use me as the dislike button
  5. use me as the dislike button
  6. @Roice (whats so special about this house... i'm lost)
  7. I don't smoke but can i come for the pizza?
  8. Sean, when are we chillin?
  9. I'm surprised people aren't fighting over you right now... I mean c'mon
  10. this won't happen again. now i wheres my @
  11. you're lucky these guys are braindead