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  1. please dont tell me you sold this for 250k
  2. nice montage. can i see that picture of you in the swim shorts again?
  3. hi drew. n1
  4. n1
  5. goodbye stupid ocean boy @Noliver.
  6. toxic?! that word has evolved into something much greater now
  7. Are these "scalps" able to be stored in crates and stay after a hard restart? @bamf @Gnashes
  8. i saw that cop hotdrop going really bad before the clip even started
  9. nice
  10. you're welcome for giving you a ride back from bank lol
  11. Yea so I cut her oxygen tube. Never had a problem since
  12. Disclaimer: I have some old clips just cause i've been inactive for a while. Also 1 Olympus clip at the end. Ill be gone for like 10 days so i wont get any more clips till then so i thought id just post what i have. The first like minute was all in the same fight btw. Enjoy
  13. nice tage. you had some really nice clips in there. #oblivionslayer