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    So I used to be somewhat decent at Arma but now I'm just shit

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  1. ^Connor_K

    Selling a 1 crater near meth

    50k give it to me so i can sell it to someone else for a higher price
  2. ^Connor_K

    Feenix Hot Hot drops

    not as bad as @Steve
  3. ^Connor_K

    Krypton Leg progress Pics

  4. ^Connor_K

    Donor 7 perk update

    hmmmm giving yourself more power and thanking yourself at the same time...
  5. ^Connor_K

    Asylum #3

  6. ^Connor_K

    Elements 10

    1:22 jesus
  7. ^Connor_K

    GO7NEY - Montage Seventeen

    nice one James.
  8. ^Connor_K

    Proud is so cool

    @Eazy Reformed Good Boy you have a nice voice.
  9. ^Connor_K

    Apparently I'm a legend and a god

    i just dont get why you fly in first person.
  10. ^Connor_K

    One Rook Boy

    Sit @Penguin_
  11. ^Connor_K

    How to rob the bank(Youtube Video)

    https://gyazo.com/c6a7fa0641358ff819579d50698f6306 https://gyazo.com/c6a7fa0641358ff819579d50698f6306 https://gyazo.com/59f65b084fe9dba6b66fddec7ae041a5 thats an ironic statement coming from you. im not here to give constructive criticism. just my opinion. move on.
  12. ^Connor_K

    How to rob the bank(Youtube Video)

    god your aim is shit
  13. ^Connor_K

    Guys i haven't taken a shit since last year

    i love you guys. <3
  14. ^Connor_K

    Happy New Year Asylum!

    and you are a heavyweight sorry i had to be the first to say it