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  1. I fucking love you, Yusheng
  2. yes sean i know you're into cars... thats all i see on your snapchat story.
  3. quality tage
  4. pretty accurate. when they started singing, i couldn't control my laughter
  5. you tellin me that this aint you?!
  6. I remember when you were fat... oh wait
  7. nice tage matteo. enjoy italy. I'll take care of your girl while your gone. #ripReq
  8. FYI

  9. hes retarded for posting this after knowing he did many wrong things. good im glad he came back after 2 years. he forget the vdm and rdm rules? not teaching him a lesson just telling him hes retarded. and tf you mean i didnt know what i did? ofc i did. stfu rat
  10. you vdm'd the guy in the truck. not rdm. its wrong because you cant break the rules just because someone else did. and as for the cop, it doesnt matter if he "knew" what he was doing. you rdm'd him. so? i knew what i did. i learned from it and got shit from everyone. its his turn
  11. all the rules for every situation? no. but knowing vdm and rdm. please its on the fucking billboard in kavala. he also is stating that he know the rules. at least vdm. hes gotta know rdm too. dont sit here and tell me this guy doesnt have any clue as to whats going on.
  12. being new isnt a reason to ruin the experience for other players. before playing the server. learn the rules.
  13. youre fucking retarded. there is no grey area here. a guy vdm's you, you shoot him then proceed to vdm him a few times. restrain him and bring him into your house. you dont lock your doors so a cop can come in and with no initiation, you shoot him. being scared isnt a reason to break the rules. i dont know wtf you mean "its a grey area". bitch wtf no. all i see is you vdming and rdming. the guy also cant use his phone while being restrained so no he didnt call the cop. you were also on parole which means they can literally see you on the map. and you still have to initiate. all this is gonna do is get you banned. you cant break the rules just because someone else did. and you definitely can break the rules when you get scared.
  14. Nice to meet you NEW im ^Connor_K