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  1. Wym? you still do
  2. You're a god at window You're a god at west rock. You're rockin the Destiny Monkeys loadout. You made @Goyneyyy look like a retard. Quality fucking tage!
  3. Um... excuse me sir, plz keep this thread to shit talking only. thanks fagshitter
  4. RIP @RobiN_
  5. Just accuse me of using pulldowns or some shit like they did for @UNDERC0VER's montage and this shit will get locked ez... seemed to work just fine for his thread lol.
  6. Psshh i could do this with a trackpad
  7. retard
  8. No i will not have sex with you nor will i let you touch me with those sausage ass fingers. neck.
  10. sorry dude... its mine ^Connor_K's Thread. © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
  11. this is my thread lmao you fuck off.
  12. wow i go away to put all the early valentines day cards that i got from @BananaPig in the garbage and i come back and i see more shit talk. this is good. keep it up boys.
  13. Are you high?
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