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  1. Nomadox + quilins + miniguns + CL = no skeng
  2. a heli landing without blowing up is probably one of the best feelings ever
  3. Don't worry they didn't make it far https://plays.tv/video/5adcfed7501915ba2c/-connor-k-saves-the-day @Nomadox @Dom @Tyrese @Twix @HomeUser @Scott @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  4. lmfaoo those insults came from the heart
  5. my dude you clipped a kid picking up Y lmaooo
  6. just watch your montages and then really think about what you just said
  7. @Goku man you should have joined the navy if you wanted men to eat you
  8. Reinventing the hot drop
  9. I’ll cum for Hayley
  10. I didn't know that they can hand out sorry points @BaDaBiNg_10-8 *This is a joke, please don't ban me*
  11. I see how the tables have turned
  12. IDK why it got deleted but here you go
  13. You're only about a couple years late on that one lol
  14. I support the blue line completely but this officer is a fucking retard.