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  1. nah, shut down the even servers (2&4)
  2. its probably better than this shit wifi at the hotel im staying at.
  3. build my own laptop? i have a built desktop but cant take a big'ol case to the hotel so i just went out and bought a gaming laptop
  4. listen here bud, i already googled it and i literally want to throw this pos out the window. it came with the gaming laptop i bought. (fuckuharvey)
  5. Anybody know how to disable win10 automatic updates. Shit giving me cancer atm
  6. @DramaAlert any alerts on the fights today at OG cap, some wetards think @ChicoXL was texture glichting. then we got even numbers and they wouldnt even push. it was 6v12 beforehand.
  7. ya its easy to come back with a sdar like a rat. and hide till you get a advantage.
  8. u musta died since u have a sdar buddy.
  9. think a garbage player shouldnt be calling someone else garbage
  10. ???

    or downgrading it
  11. ???

    @bamf @Gnashes @Paratus https://gyazo.com/e232d299ad3c506c10ae69f10ba3526d
  12. i figured it out. its a bad cable i bought.
  13. any of you retards know how to get a second monitor to Detect in windows 10. i
  14. u are a retard, like how does your parents deal with you. "OMFG he said the n-word" looking ass. their is a difference between the "n-word" one is the "ER" and "A". if you get offended by the "A", you seriously need to buy a ROPE.