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  1. u need 15, so ill give you 20
  2. get 2 mill and ill buy it from you. u will get a extra $5 dollars so you can buy ingame crates(pretty sure that this may be implemented)
  3. -1
  4. i think he is against the #freevalk. he might of been using that to imply on what valk gangmates were saying.
  5. i understand u may joke about his mother but this is disrespectful and isnt the way a admin should pertain him/her self on the forums. & btw u also banned @ChicoXL for the indirect comment my boy made to his gang mate @tryhardsqueaker . < gangmate btw. dont know if you caught that.> freemyboy, and here comes the shitfest.
  6. Idunno about that, it would just be a super gang and the other gangs wouldnt bother fighting them since they will most likely lose to them. Game is ded, let it die. No need to post usless shit that been posted 100times. All we need is quality updates and for the shit we want not be a community goal. Like i understand yall need money for the upkeep of the server. but back then Aslyum was the best and ppl donated cus of it. now its different. I wish it was the "MOST ADVANCE LIFE SERVER Still." if it was i would still be pumping money to my boi's who sell me a mil for 30 when the price was like 40 a mil.
  7. is this right or ??? 60% yikes https://gyazo.com/50e772847794dbb5f11936b99c83cf33
  8. sign me up coach.
  9. oh boi. all the fun i had. Jenga , Zombies , Fat Kid , Monster Truck. weeewhoooo
  10. aint this a tanoa discussion? strife was gay. tho
  11. what aspect was it "op" about??? just the 1 big gang to make the monies. that was it keep it down and focus on improving the Altis experience imo. or do a modded server on altis??? them glocks where nice and deagles
  12. so what happens on the 26th???
  13. Can the new off road with the rocket launcher be implemented into the servers?
  14. or when u get a memleak .....