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  1. ya, go ahead and get a mod to hide this pal. also take the criticism, dont let ya ego get to you. phewww, just ask ya p3 retards to take a look at stuff like this b4 you post it. could save ya self from some embarrassment.
  2. S3

    all yall need to stfu about p3. p3 this, p3 that, blahblahblah sooner or later there is going to be no p3. idk why its runs better than the rest
  3. posted as u did, go ahead and do the stuff u do best, hide the post and btw my boi chico still wants to talk to you, if he did already ignore this but if he didnt tell ya wife to not interupt. duh. smh
  4. RReeeeeerReeeeeeee this right here.
  5. ehhhh, @bamf @Poseidon Maybe add the ability to gain infamy from gang war kills at a cartel(radius big enough bcus some fights dont make it to cap.) or add it to where any kill grants infamy at a cartel/turf but gang war kills grant more???
  6. Like its going to come out and im pretty sure there would be a hype train for a week then BAM. Right back to stale/ded servers.
  7. dont u live in canada? if so just keep on scrolling past this post. but tbh them post are funny af.
  8. another rare pic of micth surfaces the interweb
  9. u can thanks anarchy for sgt pal. p3 hardass, lul
  10. shit
  11. @ChicoXL