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  1. make it vary, 1 person takes awhile. while 2 makes it faster. have one for legal which gets less money. (just the ore) and the other when its processed (taking the uranium out the ore making it valuable) make the white csat yall had a required to mine it and process it.
  2. i dont see the -redeploying happening. it will get abused.
  3. so thats u @Gen. Henry Arnold @Bikstok and that new guy. sorry my dood, i havent kept up with this server
  4. @Gnashes @bamf any updates on the bohemia thingy (the thing that cucked donations)
  5. thats the thing. dont engage the parking brake and let it hit them. xd
  6. i can be ya first verbal warning if u want xd
  7. awww sheit. congrats my dood @Scott
  8. oh boi, not this again...
  10. phew, glad they not accusing the almighty stellar bot net.
  11. so with their rules expiring does that mean better donor perks?
  12. shoot first, ask questions later kinda moment
  13. @Scott