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  1. The Kavala and Pyrgos prison? Yes PLS!
  2. Ma'am, do you mind fixing your signature? It's taking a lot of space on my screen.
  3. What this guy said. (or girl who know ) We all should be glad that a whole new team is working on the servers trying their best to make it a great experience for everyone once again. I don't think apologies are needed.
  4. Only if everyone went to #1 Amazing how everyone on the team is working hard to put Asylum back as the top ranking server. Great how you guys update the community so far and I wish everyone the best of luck. I really hope we can make this community great, once again all together!
  5. I'd like to apply for Medical Director. @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  6. Hmmmm.. I feel like we're going back to 5 servers including old Stratis?
  7. Leon and Amarados, both old-school Asylum APD Gods. One of them has returned after years. Amazing! Best trainings, APD Cadet Introduction and Ride-Along i've ever had. Welcome back!
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