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  1. Sure they could comp people but there are not enough houses as far as I know and what are you gonna do with the P4 APD Staff?
  2. "Retired Admin told me I could do that!"
  3. And then people want this thing for SWAT... Yeah I'm gonna drive a propane tank with no armour.
  4. Well that one looks shit.
  5. How to get rid of @James Anderson: Since you somewhat reported yourself it will be a VW instead of points. Verbal Warning for Improper use of APD Equipment | IA! Includes: Using your Hunter to kill Officers. Feel free to come talk to me about this situation.
  6. Nice XD
  7. 0:37 Racist friend you have there. Pay 2 win btw
  8. Yay the Ambulance skin is Dutch! Wondering what the UC's are gonna get.
  9. I think this deserves to be pinned for the time being. Love to see what a community can do.
  10. I know right, they completely forgot me aswell.
  11. I wasn't there
  12. XD

    @<Jake> xD
  13. "You shouldn't be playing cop for money!"
  14. We need more trainings @Sandwich