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  1. I do understand you, but what are the houses and APD Ranks worth when there is nothing to do because the servers are "kinda dead"? Remove server 4 and lock server 3. When server 1 and 2 are ~80 Players, open server 3. or Just close server 3 and 4 for the time being and re-open once slots are needed? Stratis version 1 was able to be removed and i've never seen my money back. Australia got removed. Stratis version 2 got removed. Tanoa got removed. atm its just a money waste to keep those servers imo..
  2. Fuck you @Mitch (IFRIT)
  3. Remove retired Captain/CoP rank.
  4. I remember when you were a good Corporal. Somehow you went on a point streak. But you're right tho. We are not allowed to lethal someone thats right in front of us. Makes no sense at all to down someone that is 1 pixel away from you.
  5. So is your Avatar. And League skills
  6. Then don't attack HQ's.
  7. Hello. Nice video. I just blew up my speakers.
  8. Sure they could comp people but there are not enough houses as far as I know and what are you gonna do with the P4 APD Staff?
  9. "Retired Admin told me I could do that!"
  10. And then people want this thing for SWAT... Yeah I'm gonna drive a propane tank with no armour.
  11. Well that one looks shit.
  12. hay i have done a lot just to get on this website i'm trying to to make it seem that im mad i just want to be a cop please can make an accseption