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  1. Didn't look UC to me.
  2. Bad or Best?
  3. Yup
  4. Who said you have to install it? Make your Steam Library look big.
  5. Wait whut.
  6. Oi!
  7. Atm we just need civ's.
  8. @DarkKnight @The Monopoly Man @Clint Beastwood
  9. Nope since age limit is 17 With a dead server? I don't think so Like I said go ahead, give it a try, talk to the Captains if you really want to. But bro, you're just wasting your time atm.. buuuut, there are even 20+ year olds that make me lose brain cells.
  10. You should talk to the Captains, since this is most likely getting locked anyway because we had this discussion many times... Hi @Mitch (IFRIT) Many tried but failed.
  11. We've seen it before. Was complete fucking SHIT. Never gonna happen again.