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  1. NotSoNutty

    Change Log 8.2.4

    The Kavala and Pyrgos prison? Yes PLS!
  2. NotSoNutty

    bruh moment

    Ma'am, do you mind fixing your signature? It's taking a lot of space on my screen.
  3. NotSoNutty

    Thankyou whoever removed my mod que, 2.

    L O L
  4. NotSoNutty


    What this guy said. (or girl who know ) We all should be glad that a whole new team is working on the servers trying their best to make it a great experience for everyone once again. I don't think apologies are needed.
  5. NotSoNutty

    Server Adjustments : Server 1

    "WE" ?!
  6. NotSoNutty

    Old Comp Request System

    Here's the answer.
  7. NotSoNutty

    Server Adjustments : Server 1

    Only if everyone went to #1 Amazing how everyone on the team is working hard to put Asylum back as the top ranking server. Great how you guys update the community so far and I wish everyone the best of luck. I really hope we can make this community great, once again all together!
  8. NotSoNutty

    Whitelisted Medics

    I'd like to apply for Medical Director. @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  9. NotSoNutty

    Server Adjustments : Server 2

    Hmmmm.. I feel like we're going back to 5 servers including old Stratis?
  10. NotSoNutty

    Hi I'm Google

  11. NotSoNutty

    My complaint about (IFRIT) Mitch

    TLDR this "TLDR" please, thanks.
  12. NotSoNutty

    Comp Request

    Terrible pilot.
  13. NotSoNutty

    Returning old player Leonheartzed

    Leon and Amarados, both old-school Asylum APD Gods. One of them has returned after years. Amazing! Best trainings, APD Cadet Introduction and Ride-Along i've ever had. Welcome back!
  14. NotSoNutty

    Asulym question

    We tried.
  15. NotSoNutty

    Asulym question

    He is right tho.. It has always been like this and it's never gonna change, glhf.