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  1. TLDR this "TLDR" please, thanks.
  2. Terrible pilot.
  3. Leon and Amarados, both old-school Asylum APD Gods. One of them has returned after years. Amazing! Best trainings, APD Cadet Introduction and Ride-Along i've ever had. Welcome back!
  4. We tried.
  5. He is right tho.. It has always been like this and it's never gonna change, glhf.
  6. Let's blow up houses with quads! Just like the old days :')
  7. I would like to be able to view the normal APD stuff please. Hahah
  8. I have the APD Officer AND LT tags.. even tho I retired months ago. I know you want me back, i mean..
  9. Mr @Mitch (IFRIT), I think something is wrong with me.
  10. But... you play Asylum?
  11. I don't! Mason is gonna kill people.
  12. @Action_Jaxon o7!
  13. Well done Luke!
  14. Hi

    Wooooohooooo Jessie!