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  1. That was loud but great. Sick driving tho :')
  2. How about you come back? I still remember Leonheartzed and Amarados giving me my Cadet training. Good old times!
  3. Just for CPL+ So Google has to wait.
  4. I'll pay you 10K if you login to Strif!
  5. @Rodrigo -nopause in launch options?
  6. Shadowplay makes pretty big files. ~5 minutes is for me 2GB. If you render your video, the file size will get smaller and uploading will go way, way faster.
  7. I'm using Adobe After Effects for some things. But mainly Vegas Pro 14.0
  8. Smirnoff events, best events.
  9. Bump.
  10. I would love something new. But I would like to see more content on the top/North side of the map tbh.
  11. How mutch for the DP 5 Garage?

    1. NotSoNutty


      @Harry Taylor Like I said you can put in an Offer. It's on the marker right now for 350K but we can talk about the price. Let me know what you would like to pay. Looks like no one else is interested so far.

    2. Harry Taylor

      Harry Taylor

      350k is way to mutch ofr a garage, i would pay max 100k

  12. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Garage Garage Size(40k/55k/60k): 60k Location (Town/DP#): DP 5 Asking Price: OFFER
  13. Got a DP 5 Garage for sale.
  14. Ah you are one of them house campers.