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  1. Lol The amount of times i have died like that... Yet Most of these videos call him a cheater are things that has happened to me time and time again on asylum serrvers.
  2. Welcome to asylum.
  3. It has been a hell of a journey. Many years of side chat banter and bans and ripping heads, being called a cheater, and flaming the bad admins with huge egos. Take care Ladies and Gents -Keneith
  4. Remove Gnashes.
  5. Yeah that is true, If those things were permanent it would be worth it, but not one of those things would make me want to donate to only be available for a month.
  6. I like the idea and everything about this... But I wouldn't donate for any of that stuff on the goal list, Myself I want to donate for server performance, new content, and y'all to listen to the community. And if i was going to donate every month then stuff like what son that list would need to be permanent. Like crates in a 40k? Rotorlib? Increase gang bank? I would feel safe to say that 90% or more of the server pops gives two shits about 3/4 of the donation goal list.
  7. holy shit my fps is fixed good shit
  8. Happy new years brother! Stay safe!
  9. That guy at the end sounds like a guy I use to play with on asylum wtf lol
  10. You can talk about things to someone, you can spam posts all day, whatever you all wanna do... Make this position... but at the end of the day it isn't going to open their caked full of wax fucking ears. Just let it go, Servers getting close to death.
  11. I'll dick you ya Lil shlut
  12. uppp
  13. Looking for a duo partner who doesnt blow dick. Lmk