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  1. You can talk about things to someone, you can spam posts all day, whatever you all wanna do... Make this position... but at the end of the day it isn't going to open their caked full of wax fucking ears. Just let it go, Servers getting close to death.
  2. I'll dick you ya Lil shlut
  3. uppp
  4. Looking for a duo partner who doesnt blow dick. Lmk
  5. It's only against policy of you get caught kappa
  6. Interesting, might buy this. Thanks
  7. Now you look like xehons
  8. I went from a hd to a SSD and gained 30 frames, went from some piece of crap rebranded and Radeon card to a 1080 and only gained like 15 frames. I'd definitely make sure it's on your SSD
  9. Server was bugged, And i had the day off from work so wanted to make some money, And after messaging 4 admins with no reply or action we decided to use tents and do it another way.. Of course as soon as we finish filling the tents they decide to restart the server after like 8 hours.
  10. When you spend 2 hours filling tents with shit to cook meth with friends and the server gets force reset in 10 minutes. RIP.
  11. Sorry to hear about your relationship with your hand, maybe you can get with the twin.
  12. interesting
  13. It's possible to get it out, but I think you will meet babs if you shoot it
  14. I'll buy your mxm if you have ammo