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  1. General Lee hype
  2. Would rather have a GTA RP server.
  3. Add the goddamn hard hats @bamf!
  4. ✔️Outdated Wordpress ✔️Outdated IPB ✔️Outdated Teamspeak ✔️Asylum
  5. No.
  6. Host S4 on the old S5 box and let Strife get the scuffed S4 box. Easy fix
  8. What I find baffling about the BE mass kicks is that Server 4 have like 3x more kicks then the other servers.
  9. Does this mean some of the content that's been created by community members in the past, might get added to the mission file?
  10. Sound distance seems to be broken on say3D which Asylum use to play the siren sound. Maybe switch to playSound3D? @Gnashes
  11. Joke's on you - I never leave Kavala!