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  1. @Bob Lee I dont know fix for your problem but i will prey for you
  2. Nice of you to show us how to glitch walls.
  3. I remember that u were corporal on 2 and weapon seller when not on duty
  4. Why did u have to ruin this moment we had
  5. Msg @Bazzajack for price.
  6. There is quite a few malden life servers out there. How long will they last well that is hard to say even tho they are full all the time. I dont think Malden life is answer to asylum problems but even more than that strife is def. not one (had like 6 players last time i wanted to play). What we need is "strong" altis update : - New prison location - Something new for rebels to do - Give cops some new gear and variety (more uniforms the standard ones are boring as f)
  7. This is why medic role sucks and should be whitelisted. 95% of you just sit in kavala and troll with accepting medic requests from far away. On the topic note, no life server is made in a way where medic will get you rich and you should not play it for the money. Medic is pure rp
  9. -1
  10. Well guys there has not been an "update" for life servers in a while and now we know why. It is clear that owners are moving out of life focus onto strife. Dark days are upon us (people that are here for life servers and not koth).
  11. It's what people do. You should go and try it out and post here
  12. Next time you want to tell stories to your friends how u delt with cops you go in editor and make video.
  13. So u get cop gear that u wont have balls to bring out because of charges so u sell it so someone else can hoard it in its crate as well
  14. Durga is back in kavala boys and grils