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  1. hell yeah
  2. @DarkKnight ALL ME BRO ALL ME PLS
  3. nice tage m8
  4. i like how i wasnt even there for this and u still tagged me LMAO
  6. ok i rly want this house but not for 400k
  7. @Winchester bro ur weird
  8. nice tage
  9. u know it
  10. u can tho if u still still have rebel and the ghillie perk u can buy them at skip
  11. @Praiser sry bout the vdm u want comp ?
  12. all good man just thought it was funny cause of course he doesnt want to admit him fucking up that bad
  13. like how u say back to kavala even tho i havent sat there for more than 30 mins since 2 years ago but its just a meme like it says i mean everyone fucks up just thought it was pretty funny
  14. @tryhardsqueaker i like how u voted no LMAO