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  1. Tnx for saving me
  2. disappointed i didn't see myself on here
  4. i Might hop on civ for this
  5. i agree with what your saying i just didnt word myself right
  6. i have just got cop and if you ever have me process you, might find out how i gave you a pardon or a nicely reduced ticket. i never give tickets like that unless you dont want to role play or you want to be a dick.
  7. what movie is this
  8. i am a student im a jr in highschool
  9. does anyone know how to get free apple music because i am sick of not having it and i want my DAMN MUSIC. KEK
  10. give mk-1's to every kid in kavala and tell them rdm rules were just removed and watch them rain hell
  11. give me sum i dont like to grind it out like i used to
  12. any rules against hacking if not im going to team up with aimware on this ???
  13. were gona miss u R.I.P