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  1. Trust me son, I am not one of those cocksucking apd members. I played both sides but mostly rebel for over 4 years. I see where you are coming from but I also see where the 'LT'' is coming from. It's a difficult situation but it's important when doing something like this to put yourself in his shoes. I will never defend a higher up in any situation, they are usually able to do what the fuck they want without anything happen to them but at the same time alot of things seems to be happening around your car. It's just hard to 100% blame him for what happen but I don't have his video so it will just be from your eyes. But to call me one of those cock sucking apd members is just a poor decision on your part son
  2. Sorry to say it bud, but thats how you loose
  3. Thought you didnt want to be toxic bud?
  4. thought we were being calm?
  5. Lad sirens means to pull over, get out of the car, turn ze back against the cop and put them hands up.
  6. Take the time and make it good boys
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