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  1. Zoex

    Stuff for sale

    Not really, we have access to all crate inventories(obviously). We can tell, As an example: I can tell you got some 9mm suppressor in one of your crates, which also contains a type 115. So yeah, we do have a way. This derailed too much so I'll lock it here. @justi if you want the thread cleared and re-opened hit me up with a pm and I'll do so.
  2. Zoex

    Stuff for sale

    I'd agree with you if it wouldn't give you an unfair advantage while using them.
  3. Zoex

    Stuff for sale

    Let me clarify, using\having anything that is not existing in Asylum's regular stores, such as 7.62/6.5 Suppressor, is not tolerated on Asylum. @Mr Smirnoff was awesome enough to do events for y'all to enjoy, and the fact that you abused it to store out of the game content in your crates, instead of actually enjoying the event is just sad. Having such items in your crate will result in a wipe of the crate, with no option for compensation. I am warning you guys ahead of the wipe.
  4. Yes, go to Configure > Controls > Custom control > Bind Use Action 10, this will bind 'earplugs'. Earplugs while in default mode, volume the in-game sounds, except in-game VOIP down to 20%, you can modify it by opening your phone>Settings and modifying the volume.
  5. I got my boy @Gaskal already, don't need people born in 2001
  6. Zoex

    The Music Thread

    Some local artist love.
  7. Pretty sure no Orcas are parked on an HQ gate, so yeah that is a negative. Again, if you hit an orca, just save me the trouble and come tell me so I can ban you.
  8. Did you read what I wrote? try again.
  9. No, there is quite a big difference between an activity such as a Prison, where the cops have to go in through one tight bridge, and reach a tiny compound, with one tight entrance, to a Huron that is parked inside an HQ, which is blocking nothing. If you don't want it to be rammed as said above, don't block the bridge with it, you have enough places where you can park it, such as inside the prison or on top of the barracks if you are feeling lucky. Feel free to do it, when you come with the results come directly to me so I can ban you, thanks.
  10. Guess you didn't do it fast enough so they wouldn't get you name.
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