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  1. Images are easy to fake as well.
  2. Its all a scam of the media, its all fake news!
  3. I'm not leaving
  4. Hey, HumbleBundle offers "Outlast Deluxe Edition" free for a limited time, here is a link if you wanna grab it: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe
  5. Nice to see you are around here and there, DK. Topic related though: Unsure if I posted but;
  6. a 9gag warrior +1

    1. Reformed Katheeri

      Reformed Katheeri

      a 9gag warrior +1

  7. Miss Asylum pepes.
  8. This song has a point...
  9. R.I.P Chester.
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the dark side.
  11. That website you gave me, provided me some really good content, I'll share some of the content I was provided:
  12. I missed you guys