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  1. @Sijanec
  2. Welcome back sir, was good meeting you and having a chat!
  3. Its because the 11 series is dropping 26th of august.
  4. Thanks for the medic uniform today, hope you loved those butterflies .
  5. Keep the goals going, I'm sure @bamf won't resist to keeping him around until server is running smooth. P.S - Just a personal opinion, Admin ≠ dev so don't be like "ohh Zoex said that" lol.
  6. There is not going to be such rule, thank you for the suggestion but it is not related to the Grey area thread.
  7. Its @Silver-Spy's call, he is grown enough to make that decision
  8. idc anymore, do you want me to say fuck your storage and leave, so yeah bye. lol.
  9. Read 1st. message in your pic.. nuff' said.
  10. *Had and no it had more, and even if it had an equal amount to an offroad, the offroad accelrates slower, has a "trunk" and lets be honest its wheels are way more sensitive. In the case of the Qulin it was unfair in comparison to its agility.
  11. As Mitch have already stated, the nerf was not because snatch and grabs, but due to the fact that the amount of space in comparison to a box truck is ridiculous for such vehicle. The guy who said its related to snatch and grabs is @JaxxonMurphy and he isn't an Admin nor Dev to my knowledge, so don't jump into conclusions regarding the reduce of trunk space .