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  1. His new album is dope, I like 'Stay' the most, out of the album, its chill. I'm glad he is having such a major success right now, guy deserves it and incredibly talented and authentic.
  2. Recent addiction:
  3. Forgot about this thread's existence.
  4. It has come to my Attention that Server 2 is going down. As some of you aware, Server 2 has been the home of the FSA since 2014, and it came to my knowledge they will be given the honor to shut it down. To this message I will be adding a picture, which shows the F.S.A gang, in @bamf's garage server room, waiting to shut down the server and let it become one of FSA's sacrifices. 'Aleec Spazeed' says: "While server 2 is going down, it will go down as a shaheed, allah ackbar"
  5. Last reply since we are ruining Angela's post, but yeah
  6. Eden has released an entire new Album, if you like his music, make sure to check it out for free on Youtube / Spotify. Spotify - https: EDEN – vertigo //// Spotify URL: spotify:album:2Dbm63Nwx511E4HclnQto6 Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/EdenProjectOfficial/videos