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  1. He had clips of him playing inside of a locked house. I don't think this montage is meant to be shown as skill.
  2. Sounded like he burped and laughed at the same time
  3. I'll go back to hell as long as you go back to Olympus shitter
  4. This one time I found a dupers house.. it was wonderful
  5. I want a signature that makes a diss towards certain types of players who happen to be of a brown smelly substance who came from a place that is almost like a copy of asylum but with code made by gnashes.
  6. The fuck are you talking about you retard, the cop wasn't charged with shit. I know the fella, the suspect got charged with assault with bodily fluid. Know your shit before you start eating it.
  7. Why is it you call yourself a man, yet your voice sounds like a 12 year old girl? Seriously fuck off to Olympus already.
  8. Ha! He's from Olympus... definitely a shitter
  9. Trash. You should become a Sanitation Engineer.
  10. literally a Black-ops 4 clone
  11. Can't stand this guy. He has got to be the biggest queer gay boy i have ever seen on the internet, and I watch lots of porn.
  12. Sometimes when you spawn in, you spawn in with no textures and you can walk through everything. Should have reported this shitter to get him perm banned, send his ass back to Olympus
  13. Personally I think they should add a Tanoa island and put some pure cocaine on it
  14. Fortunately it was in your mother's bed, you might want to prepare for another bastard child.
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