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  1. reported for use of copyright material
  2. So.. lets talk about poop and work. Building a $40,000,000 homeless shelter next to an existing one. Some homeless guy runs around the corner where everyone was working, pulls down his pants and shits all over the side of the existing building infront of everyone... no shame.. no wipe... just pulls his pants up and walks away. This was the kind of shit you would have if you were up all night drinking and eating bad tacos while smoking meth.
  3. Henry Facesmasher


    I would rather play Identity
  4. Ok in season 2, it was revealed that David's girlfriend turned into her mom when she was 16 and had sex with her moms boyfriend then in the middle of the sexy time she turned back to her teenage self and her mom freaks out and calls the cops and the guy is dragged out in handcuffs and probably labled as a pedophile for the rest of his life. Technically she raped him. So a little later on in the season David 'drugs' her and has sex with her. I noticed the latter was always talked about and frowned upon and was in a few articles but no one mentions her raping her mothers boyfriend and turning him into a pedo. BTW the series finale sucked. Fuck that show in the ass.
  5. i'm copyrighting that song to see if someone takes me to court for it. At that time i'll find out the name and who wrote it.
  6. @Azeh the map lag seems to be worse for me in v2
  7. Seems like when you open up the map there's quite a bit of lag. I never really experienced that before on other servers other than Olympus.
  8. what's your malfunction you whores
  9. go back to olympus u shitter
  10. This is such a great clip. I have a feeling you were trying to show off your driving skills and it shows, you and your family should be very proud of how well you maintained speed to brake ratio.
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