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  1. i'm surprised they didn't keep spawning at the same house with speedbombs, spike strips, flash bangs and infinite grenades likes Gnashes always did.
  2. To be honest, I don't think anyone would care if that kid got bullied irl
  3. I'm surprised you guys were able to get a run off without the server taking a shit. That's an accomplishment right there my friends!
  4. how do i become a faggot like you?
  5. does your retainer give you a speech impediment?
  6. should take down server 2 as well.. we don't need it
  7. This is such a great idea. I have no idea why this isn't a thing.
  8. episode 4 was absolute garbage.. so you're riding a dragon.. and you don't see a fleet of ships even though you have the best vantage point? You might say.. oh they were hiding behind the rock.. if that's the case then they wouldn't have LoS on the dragon.. the last 30 minutes of that episode seemed like it was rushed. When all the boats sunk.. it was amazing that all the important characters all swam ashore safely all at the same time.. seriously.. what was that garbage..
  9. Lol what a shitter.. go back to playing cop you shitter.. in fact.. lets take this one step further and fuck off to olympus
  10. here come all the hipsters saying how they haven't watched game of thrones because they're too cool for it
  11. He had clips of him playing inside of a locked house. I don't think this montage is meant to be shown as skill.
  12. Sounded like he burped and laughed at the same time
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