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  1. TL:DW spoilers
  2. I had a great RP moment with Gimli a long time ago.
  3. nice whats the music that shit fire
  4. Will smith.. The one man America truly hates.
  5. you're welcome
  6. Thumbs downed your video for no reason.
  7. RDM people and comp for no ban
  8. Lol wow.. absolutely fucking wrekt via cool calm and collected post.
  9. Chrono was the cutest squeaker on asylum. I loved the father/son RP we had. Until it got creepy. It started to feel very bad almost immediately but we never broke character.
  10. Honestly, I used to think the same way when they made the big changes for bounty hunters. But I ended up liking it after I started abusing the shit out of everything that comes with it. Go kidnap people and hold them for 10 minutes, lock them in a house bait them into combat logging and report them when they log out at 9 minutes and 51 seconds. Complaining on the forums isn't going to do shit. Best way to make changes to something is to abuse the fuck out of it until they start losing players. If they're smart they'll take notice. If they don't notice then they don't deserve the player base and good riddance to another arma server.
  11. The man was denied a higher up.. what do you expect. Get well soon guy
  12. I remember trolling signal into CL'ing and combat storing good times
  13. makes it acceptable k
  14. I like how he has goatfucker in his name on cop but dickhead in my name got me verbally reprimanded
  15. You're on the forums of a game that you play in 3rd person.