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  1. implayable...
  2. a pistol doesn't sound like that.. game ruined
  3. next time double tap c for tilde
  4. Damn, 370 squiggly lines? You poor poor man.
  5. Ya guys, could you help me too? I'm having pc issues as well but im not going to give you guys any information about it, I just want yall to figure it out and fix it for me please. kthx
  6. I'm not poor by any means.. but watching peoples streams on this game.. $60 is way too much for that piece of shit
  7. dreadlocks trashy look must be a whooore
  8. "see you in identity..." more like see you in 10 years
  9. this game is literally ass
  10. THIS 100%.
  11. well.. it's just like the servers then
  12. soo.. no more roaching?
  13. penis's should be allowed to be posted on forums i agree with this
  14. Im a girl too
  15. You a guy or a girl? Can't actually tell sorry