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  1. and if you're wondering about s1 right now, there are 3 constables. So both servers combined it is literally 50/50 between constables and sgt+
  2. Flawed argument, those 5.8% are significantly more active than the other 94.2%, they literally are required to play a certain amount of hours in order to keep their rank. Thought you would know this given you were a SGT. at one point.
  3. 1. batcan isnt even in gang 2. denied 3. space is fucking w/ you
  4. no sir we must bring back the Kawaii Killer Kitties
  5. your contributions to the Kawaii Killer Kitties will not go unrecognized soldier
  6. standards are automatically lowered for nicholas march montages
  7. I don’t even think it’s possible for orcas to be $152k. Also it was 75k to claim even during Tier 4 donor goals so I’m pretty sure the claim costs for orcas is just broken
  8. u realized u are retarded and then try and cover it up with another retarded post n1
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