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  1. Spoon feeding rebels? The fed was fine and perfectly balanced prior to the addition of vans. Vans give cops infinite swat ladders that can be used on multiple locations at once, how is that fair? Rebels shouldn’t have to account for 6 gates at once.
  2. denied feel free to re-apply when u get more experience
  3. @Jimbo this isn’t the real toxicity don’t worry
  4. dont even have to play and we still getting fans smh
  5. Tier 4 benefits don't work on S3
  6. Temper's ally, The Powerpuff Girls, are currently struggling to find competition on the Asylum Gaming servers, this check-mark gang recently performed a name change to try and escape the overpowering force of the Powerpuff Girls but have failed. Here are some photographs from their journey of terrorizing the droids now known as Rival.
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