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  1. shameless bump I see
  2. “BAILEY STOP IT!!!” -Steve in temper ts
  3. and your aim does not say otherwise
  4. stellar wiper back at it again
  5. yo whats up gutchi
  6. Ka'Von come back
  7. tied with Biggie
  8. you are in no position to talk about other people being disliked when you yourself are one the biggest memes/retards on asylum
  9. thero likes bishop's desk
  10. @Gutchi u went from beating up autistic kids irl to beating up autistic kids in arma, gj Turtle Hunter gutchi
  11. At this point they just need to remove jail times or put them to 5 minutes because it is literally impossible to wait out a 45 minute sentence without the server crashing and your time getting reset.
  12. your void one was better tbh
  13. does it really matter tho
  14. bump