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  1. if taxes are 0 and people are crafting them then they are something around that
  2. IMO the MK-1 should be $2k less, and the MK-18 should be $1k less, CSAT clothing should be $1k less as well. It also would be cool if there wasn't government tax at rebel outposts, doesn't make much sense that there is in the first place anyways.
  3. 3rd party apps people, may not sound like a good idea but I assure you if those players get unbanned, such as tiger, gangs (specifically prime) would come back. And an extra gang on asylum definitely wouldn't hurt
  4. stop it im going to get banned!!
  5. When tiger shot an MK-14 he was rested on a rock, so yes that is what you would expect
  6. penguin out here getting montaged by nicolas march bruh, i expected more out of a hooligan @Penguin_
  7. Evidence please, of a temper member doxing you of course.
  8. You fail to realize that giving your password out to someone is NOT doxing. You are claiming that we got access to all of your accounts when in reality only your forum account was taken, which is completely your fault for giving the password out. If you were doxed, it wasn’t by anyone in temper. To sum it up for you, don’t give your password out to someone and not expect them to use it.
  9. You are implying me and Newfie were the ones who were in contact with postgame and behind all of this, which isn’t the case. please refrain from speaking on topics you know nothing about. K thanks
  10. Major false point is that undercover only tried to get into 2 accounts, postgame’s gaming forum account, and his steam account, the other accounts, such as his PayPal, were never interfered with. Also note that postgame GAVE undercover the steam account password.
  11. I don’t think you realize that his “story” is false, hence why he is getting hate.
  12. Honestly you are making a poor attempt at spam posting in order to up your post/like ratio