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  1. The problem is they were both banned for like 2 kills from their montage, 100% not enough evidence to perm ban someone from a server. Whether no one cares about them or not, it’s still shitty seeing innocent players perm banned for something they didn’t do. (I’m mostly speaking for jwilly because unlike William, he is still banned for doing nothing wrong). Also I agree that tiger and schiang’s ban weren’t the reason why all of gang life died, I was trying to say that by banning them, they killed off 1 of the 2 active gangs left on asylum, leaving asylum dead for good.
  2. That’s what finished off gang life for good, the banning of schiang and tiger made Prime move to Olympus and ultimately made Olympus better than asylum. No clue why the admins feel like they can ban someone for pull downs from watching 2 or 3 clips of their montage (ex: you and Jwilly).
  3. Us Duplicity gods were great pilots, must have been something wrong with the orca
  4. yep money sells for around $2.50/100k now, glad i sold my strife money at $4/100k
  5. If you can’t beat prime on Olympus then you can’t beat us on asylum.
  6. What gang r u in on Olympus?
  7. Have you even watched your own montage? You should be the last person to talk about people being shit..
  8. You just described Proud’s montage, and you say he’s one of the better players in Olympus?? Also, every single good player on Olympus came from asylum
  9. Nope
  10. Y would I be salty, I’m just stating facts
  11. And their supreme box logos
  12. haHA good one!!!1!!