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  1. and now the fat retards turn this political, nice
  2. yes
  3. high pitched laugh = under 17
  4. The payout for the fed has increased which pretty much makes up for the unlimited swat ladders (vans) IMO.
  5. higher ups also tend to either issue parole or low tickets opposed to straight up arresting people. Think about it
  6. I understand paying for new content like a rebel talent tree, but $700 for a 5% discount at rebel? Are you trying to piss everyone off or does that just come naturally for you monkeys?
  7. Can confirm it is 250
  8. The fact that you take this forum seriously is leading me to believe that YOU are the one with the mental disorder. Delete your account. k thx
  9. @Noliver.
  10. thought the cap was 150k for each individual person, not 150k spread across every1 in group. thats shitty