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  1. You're right, we shouldn't give callouts to our teammates.. let them die, more montage clips for you
  2. He was not
  3. People buy money ex: $3.5 for 100k
  4. O I'm retarded
  5. if krazyknight gets captain the APD will disband
  6. Remove tax at rebel outposts. Ez fix
  7. Temper logo ifrit
  8. no, this is the REAL way how to stop rebels at the bank
  9. Who?
  10. ? i think you mean tenacity.. andrew likes to run every1 over
  11. Are you going to ignore the fact that you and your gang literally won't fight us because you can't win? Pathetic..
  12. I think we wiped them too many times, they even said they won't fight us anymore.
  13. Yes, because you do.. you also have to consider this is his first montage, not his 20th.
  14. The last guy got raped wtf