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  1. haha, asking for a "friend" of course.
  2. why not have all the cartel locations, be possible spawn locations for all cartels?
  3. id rather trade my war points for $$
  4. switch to the other server
  5. 90% of the time when I take someone hostage I'm rp'ing hard and they alt f4 anyway.
  6. sounds like you need to "improvise, adapt and overcome".
  7. stop eating horse shit, and only drink water.
  8. just delete them
  9. aaaaaaaahahahaha
  10. hahaha thats my city! My h.s. is right down the street from there.
  11. 2:37 clearly cheating
  12. im just not in favor of giving bounty hunters MORE privleges. If you want to BH with the spar16 you can already.
  13. so just hide it while youre around cops. Bounty hunters are supposed to supplement when there are no cops available or someone is where the cops dont go so...
  14. you know you can bounty hunt with a spar already?
  15. why does life need to be brought back to bounty hunting?