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  1. Whaaaat?
  2. Just make the amount of rubbers that spawn in lower maybe?
  3. why not give both, money to gang account and fridge rubbers?
  4. @bamf Maybe unrelated but ive been sitting at a cartel for 30mins now and Its not letting me cap it. Nobody here, I've checked everywhere. About 10 mins after i got here it popped up and said it could not be captured for 25+ mins and 10 mins later it said 24+ mins.
  5. lmao
  6. sennheiser hd 280 pro great for music too, but you gotta break them in, had mine now for 11 years no issues
  7. what needs to be updated for rebels?
  8. Bring back STRIFE, but with a 3rd faction, CIVs. And they can still run coke, and there are no vdm rdm rules. problem solved, everyone is happy, server will still be dead.
  9. wow that cop just sprayed a dude holding binos. Bad cops
  10. Is this a different person than just_1n ?
  11. and then on again
  12. tru
  13. is that chocolate wookie?
  14. WHY