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  1. ya, i just unlocked punisher, with 200 war rating. carried over my 500+ from the previous season
  2. grey (or is it gray) kinda looks good
  3. Wasn't pubg an arma mod years ago? Idk if it came out before h1z1 though
  4. Sell me one! I'd put an Asylum Entertainment or, Asylum Gaming sticker on my truck. I like the logo thats in the begining of the Identity vid. Would love to run into someone that plays asylum irl
  6. Good point. Pubg is killing all communities.
  7. Maybe I'm just blind but I don't see the strife section of the forums.
  8. First time I watched it I was wondering what game this is.
  9. Disclaimer: I'm mostly joking, so a preemptive gfy! What if strife had a third faction of civs, and all the shops and rp stuff are put back in, without map markers and all that shit, BUT there are no rules and they just have to deal with the war going on! Sounds fucking fantastic to me!
  10. I like the idea of house lights but, I also don't think we NEED them.
  11. aaahahahah good one!
  12. That makes sense. Would've done it myself already if they were cheaper.
  13. Stock your house with chemlights! btw, why the fuck are chemlights so expensive?
  14. Haha maybe once in a while all cartels are on the island lol
  15. I just realized your time was 1.3 seconds lmao