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  1. The only person I've met who would talk to himself through different accounts on a thread. Take care, Google. Stay weird.
  2. Let it go, boys. Just let it die with dignity.
  3. @Mitch (IFRIT) Yes, but with skins, put @Gen. Henry Arnold and that contributor tag to work! Only that you could submit your design idea for him to work with and to create a finished product. Awesome idea, though (Try to re-work the civilian licensing idea).
  4. Its use in Arma 3 and DCS! Fantastic review!
  5. Just one of those days... potato days...
  6. This account needs to be burned.
  7. Lol Farewell, Grizzly.
  8. **Hey. Sorry, buddy.
  9. Pally's OP. Already submitted the report. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/932784196 Ya done.
  10. Psshh...Always flexin.' Duel me in Durotar. I'll drain ya, ez. 1 HP point in 3.5 seconds with my major DOTs.
  11. Especially not after they optimized the game. Classic 2007 edition all the way! They new look is blasphemy!
  12. I assume that's why they introduced the new combat system involving special abilities. Keybinds!
  13. Played quite a bit back in the day. I've got a 110 rogue and war alongside @Sandwich's pally, but we've both stopped to focus on cop. I'm looking to pick it back up with the release of 'The Battle for Azeroth.' As is my brother that quit back in 2011 with the release of Cata. A lot of people are looking to come back I've heard (and hope).