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  1. Don't know what to say, really... I've had many all nighters, furious e-peen fights and RP nerd outs. Many new friends to account for it and many memories to truly cherish. I appreciate everyone I've met in my time. You guys got me through many rough days, whether with work, school or other burdens. I could escape it all through this community. I'd do the whole @ thing, but there's just too many names. You all know who you are. Much love. Take care everyone.
  2. hi my name is flameless and i am no longer phoneless

    1. Flameless


      My name is Rosie and I just found out that Flameless now has a phone after six months! :D


  3. The only person I've met who would talk to himself through different accounts on a thread. Take care, Google. Stay weird.
  4. Let it go, boys. Just let it die with dignity.
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) Yes, but with skins, put @Gen. Henry Arnold and that contributor tag to work! Only that you could submit your design idea for him to work with and to create a finished product. Awesome idea, though (Try to re-work the civilian licensing idea).
  6. Its use in Arma 3 and DCS! Fantastic review!
  7. Just one of those days... potato days...
  8. This account needs to be burned.
  9. Lol Farewell, Grizzly.
  10. **Hey. Sorry, buddy.
  11. Pally's OP. Already submitted the report. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/932784196 Ya done.
  12. Psshh...Always flexin.' Duel me in Durotar. I'll drain ya, ez. 1 HP point in 3.5 seconds with my major DOTs.
  13. Especially not after they optimized the game. Classic 2007 edition all the way! They new look is blasphemy!