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  1. Generalizing all gay cops now, huh?
  2. This is why we have the ability to appeal things, @KIIAK http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/69-ban-appeal-process/ Best of luck!
  3. Please, do tell! I'm genuinely intrigued
  4. Gnashes exclaimed, "What the fuck!?" as he took a look into my bank account...
  5. Don't worry, I'll be sure to balance it out with a swift -1
  6. Take care, Banana.
  7. Let me find some time to rally together friends and we'll see how this goes if you'd truly like to see if we can adapt to the "exploit." How about you join me? As can @Cory B and every other individual that has a problem with the vans. We'll get together, hatch a legitimate plan, leave the moaning aside and you all can call me "big guy" as my code name as apparently that's a thing now? Hm? Who's down?
  8. We won. @DarkKnight is basically Rambo. @Ken. is Bill Gates/ Rockefeller rich with his Mk200's. and @Psycosis is apparently a TK'ing traitor, but never fails to be the last rebel alive. Props to these guys on overcoming the "mechanic breaking exploit!"
  9. @Cory B You still believe that this one new addition is a "MECHANIC BREAKING BUG!" Based upon what you've stated, it sounds to me that your gang might just be inadequate and/or you're simply exaggerating the complexity of defending the area. We've had plenty of run arounds with the tactics that I described above (didn't simply pull them out of my ass, yet most of them could be thought up with common sense) and most of them have been effective at extinguishing our attacks. The SWAT ladders used can only be placed in a select few areas, all of which are a majority of the time completely covered by rebels waiting to pick off every officer that climbs them. Again, you're seeing this as an end game ultimate, automatic win for the police. What's with this mentality that this is "not fair" or congruent with "The APD shouldn't win!" This is a minor complication for rebels in comparison to the numerous advantages that rebels are provided with. The APD is a money sink, we are assigned to lower caliber rifles for a reason, to lose some of the situations we are placed in; To provide a chance for civilians to win, not to completely be erased in every encounter possible. In this case, you guys need to pick up your game and/or your competitiveness. Most definitely not the only way, Sky. Take some time to become comfortable with either rifle depending upon your likes and dislikes and I'm sure you could use either rifle with varying distances. I used the MXM most of my APD career for all ranges and situations; I adapted.
  10. Blanketed statement and generalization of the common rebel, I like it. The fed isn't easy money, get to work on new tactics. Psst... Put some rebels outside the fed in Telos or atop the domes. Maybe use armored vehicles and continuously drive around as a portable hot drop squad. Position snipers atop the solar towers at the chop shop for those slick 1 KM shots just as the bank possesses. Be creative and if your gang can fabricate a way to overcome the power of the APD van, congratulations. All the more power and money to you and your associates.
  11. @Cory B @Tusken Raider The fact of the matter is that it could be considered and exploit, of course. Do I employ officers to do so and to exercise this method, no. But word through the grapevine is that it isn't. I'm simply stating this because rebels are going to be expected to account for it and to adjust, just as the APD has when new mechanics that benefited rebels came into play. Throughout the history of Asylum, rebels have exploited and cheated the system many times over to gain an upper hand in a multitude of situations and pulled quite a bit of bullshit over the years to get their way. Yes, the APD being a white-listed faction is expected to be strict and true when it comes to server rules and APD policy, but finding out now that this method in no way breaks server rules, and is subject to change, it most definitely is and should be used as an advantage for the APD as we have finally been provided a new method of attack. The federal reserve sustains MANY risks and challenges, this is simply a new challenge for the rebel faction to overcome and has already been proven possible last night.
  12. Being the "experienced player" that you are, you were unfortunately defeated by being shot, but in terms of the fed you still succeeded. Your associates escaped with the bars and you guys received the money from it. What I'm understanding from your argument is that you believe this "un-intended" feature is a mistake, is unfair and should be removed because you simply died as a result because you didn't/couldn't account for it. "Experienced players, If the playing the right way, should be able to defeat the police 7/10 times..."You have a contorted view of success and the purpose of the APD. "Thanks, buddy. You're kinda an idiot." You couldn't handle being defeated by the APD by methods in-which are new and some are saying now "is an exploit" or "has broken the fed." The next instance in which you participate in a fed robbery, work around it and account for it, update your tactics because from what I've heard, this might be a solid thing. Simply laying out "the APD isn't supposed to win" is not an appropriate foundation for your argument because you were solely defeated and didn't enjoy being processed or waiting in a respawn window while your friends made off with the stolen goods. You are speaking out of spite and the anger from the situation. Let me refresh your understanding of the Federal reserve at least in conclusion: The purpose of the mechanic of robbing the fed is for rebels to attempt to steal highly valued and in more significant reserves of gold and money at higher stakes and with inherent, greater risks due to the methods and tools needed by which are required so that the loot may be extracted. Your team was successful in attaining the bars and transporting them out; From my understanding, you guys beat the APD. In terms, get over it.
  13. Take care, Nikita
  14. @DarkKnight Inform this man of your beautiful story.
  15. Donor is a town. The APD patrols towns to instill security and safety. Patrol it, secure it and leave. Same goes for any other town. Find another precinct, ya done.