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  1. Robbo

    Merry Christmas.

    Evening all, hope you're all full of good food and got all the little bits and bobs you wanted for Christmas, I won't be around much until after the new year as my job gets extremely busy over Christmas.. Hope you all have a good one and a great new year. I will see you all after the Holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. P.S God Save The Queen.
  2. Still don’t know who you are...
  3. Mah Boi MurMurs... Welcome back dude when I get some free time I’ll hop on with you!!
  4. Honestly the funniest shit ever....
  5. Turn up your volume... I can hear it fine
  6. Legit that actually happened, has to go pick up a friend, really fast so just left it on went out came back in seen blue coming at me poked out the cabin and they was all fighting right infront of me haha
  7. Do what I did, go AFK for 30 mins sitting in a little shack.. come back be in the middle of the circle with 4 guys left and kill the 3 remaining and win. https://gyazo.com/0a5d0160bb756b363af632b52a4289de
  8. Sugarfoot... I got the hookups my G. I will PM you.
  9. Nice touch with the fail music at the end 10/10
  10. Robbo

    what have i missed

    Why on earth would I do that
  11. Robbo

    what have i missed

    Winter is here...
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