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  1. How is a civilian who is a repeat offender different from a rebel? Definition of rebel 1a : opposing or taking arms against a government or ruler b : of or relating to rebels therebel camp 2: disobedient, rebellious
  2. They're going to make money off of you either way. Might as well show off.
  3. +1
  4. Lag

    Please use the search function before making another thread like this. Thank you.
  5. Can I have the money in your bank when you leave? Thanks
  6. 155k
  7. Glad to see I made a candid appearance as an extra. Finally
  8. Early ways? I still do it. Just put on Netflix while doing it. Easy money.
  9. You left your downloaded porn running in the background. Quit torrenting it.
  10. XXXTinct
  11. Yes, but there's also 5 main towns to patrol along with a bunch of illegal areas. Don't have to go for just one person.
  12. Gold
  13. Since when is self defense breaking the law? Or hit and runs with kavala trolls? Unlawful detainment and grand theft when obtaining a bounty? There's many more as well. You guys just never listen.
  14. Not selfish, the apd's mission anymore is to make money so when turning yourself in, they don't listen to anything you have to say and once you're done it's 50% off no matter what and they don't budge from that due to losing money. Staying unreachable is the only way you'll ever get a pardon not to mention staying away from the other 5 bogus charges you guys tack on to make even more.
  15. Same gang actually. No need to want to be them. Just the original branch.