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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT) Where is April patch?!?
  2. @YuSheng Bro this shit goes hard, let me hop on the next mix
  3. @Azeh still waiting on April's patch....
  4. NA on top, EU bastards have 300ping and lag everywhere
  5. Actually......unknown is the ceo of the company.... none the less...great montage
  6. Why in the market its show the price of selling human organs, but how come i cant harvest human organs....please add back system of harvesting human organs. I need to role-play @Alec-I just imagine the videos you could make if they add this back
  7. This is for the the role players who have been playing mount and blade. I want to have the experience of pushing cartels with horses dear developers i'm serious, please look into it
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