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  1. Nice video man. Those singers you hired sure are talented.
  2. Yah man I hate getting camped at the athira drug dealer
  3. Bogdanoff agrees with william except for the improper use of the word "there". Bogdanoff thinks the word you meant to use was "their".
  4. Bogdanoff would stop playing if there was a full wipe. Bogdanoff could enjoy a money wipe
  5. Because everyone with money has 50+ hours a week or doesnt spend it
  6. Bogdanoff no understand sentence Bogdanoff thinks where we go next is skins @Mr. Slick open my snap you little baka
  7. Bogdanoff like update and appreciate the hard work of Mr. Slick so very much. Bogdanoff like also to say how much of a bitch Slick is for playing Wizard 101 instead of fixing the wonderful mental asylum. @Mr. Slick
  8. The people want to dpi jump. Movement is boring now
  9. Yes ty slick u beast of a dev. I sure am enjoying these new cop quests u fortnite sussy bakka
  10. Is there going to be a new update in the near future because we need some fresh new content. One can only hope
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