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  1. You fell asleep, woke up, went about ur day, and are still thinking about me. Link ur steam so I can sign it already buddy ole pal
  2. https://streamable.com/fybikv Oh of course, only if you promise to bring wheels with you Thanks olive picking paki
  3. ds 3k. lmk when u want me to hide it
  4. https://streamable.com/a3wm9h
  5. I'd like to report a ban evader
  6. I think we’re playing this Sunday
  7. Sunday dom starting tomorrow?
  8. yeah its super funny nathan haha lol lmao
  9. Surprised you didn’t react with a cringe gif
  10. Who asked????? Fix ur teeth Why are you still talking
  11. imagine being too scared to push with a marid lol. cry baby ken at it again. s/o bera for actually doing something lol
  12. Sergeants were coming in quad bikes with 15 cops on the first day of the update and had still cried hahaha
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