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  1. RIP buddy you will be missed!
  2. Anything civ vs civ i'm up for giving a go the premise off the idea sounds good Also might be a good way to get PC parts as i know poeple don't want to grind them out, especialy now the cop prestige is just done via drill All good suggestions, i like the gang fort idea give another incentive to fight for the gang fort but the problem with that is if someone caps it then logs off for the week its never going to pop The pc parts are fine just need to be made eaiser to get maybe keep them how they are and let people buy them from rebal for like 100k or even 50k maybe so its still alot to lose with the insentive to win a few feds to make it cheeper
  3. Just to put this out there This server was created as a cops and robbers kind of deal and lets face it most of the APD has always been out geared The current problem is that when cops fight these events 1 after the other the moral and will power of wanting to go there die 10x drops and people leave when cops leave the civs who where only online to fight the cops leave and the server drops in population rather quickly, The more you remove from the APD the less likely the cops are going to want to fight, going in there free loadout for the 2x manditory lives given and just bouncing or just mass login off the server everytime an event pops (this is happining after events now) With out cops the server has no pop at all as people will get bored if there is no risk in doing anything And i understand if a small group was robbing the bank they would get annoyed that 4 ifitrs slammed them but isn't that the price you pay for doing a federal event as robbing the bank or doing another federal event isn't supose to be easy
  4. Its simple new players join the server, get frustrated because its so slow and everyone with money fucks them over at every chance they get 1) x3 the sell price off all items as a start and tweek the numbers after a week or so to get a good balance 2) Split mining from quarry and High yeld quarry into the parts ( copper,Iron,Diamond) as rng for new players is just silly 3) have a protected money making way for example Copper if a player is doing copper they cannot be robbed so if a rebal finds someone mining the can search the truck by lock picking as soon as they see copper they can't touch it make it a banable offence ( not as much money as anything else but a state to protect new players) 4) there is only 1 server lower the ammount of houses people can own as new players can't get any even semi decent houses and lower the max cap they can be sold for
  5. @Fitz lots of people have tired for many hours and nobody can get a case from metal detecting Also you need each part of the pc to make the console but you also need each part to open the different doors in the event So to do the event you will off needed to get 2 off each part? 1 to make the console and the other to hack the way into the vault
  6. Console -Crafted at Illicit Fabricator There isn't a recipe at the place for you to make one
  7. the whole idea was to give those people who play the server and grind a reward and to get the new people to come in and think thats a cool system lets keep playing I never thought off lockpicking skill but thats a good idea
  8. MagicSpoon

    Skills Tab

    My sugestion is a skills tab and it works like so (numbers are all up to change just a basic idea) You can level up maybe upto 25x processing and gathering skills, for those dedicated to the grind still For example You pick weed, Lvl 1 - 9 2% incressed speed each level lvl 10 25% chance to get double gather Lvl 11- 19 2% gather speed lvl 20- 50% chance to get double 21-24 3% speed lvl 25 - 100% chance for doulbe gather so it works out at like 50% gather speed at max level ( i know the numbers are off but for consistancy i simplyfied it) Processing Lvl 1 - 9 % incressed speed Lvl 10- 5% chance of double or sale price Lvl 11- 19 2% gather speed Lvl 20 10% chance of double or sale price (undiceided) 21-24 3% speed Lvl 25 - 25% chance of double The skills would take alot of doing such an activitiy to level up so the higher level the more XP it would take to get said skill making those people who want to put in effort to get better in a skill get a benift as it would give people more off an incentive to want to go out and do the things as your getting rewarded for playing the game which has a insentive for people to play more.
  9. Can we please have it so you can process the inventory off your vehicle make it take the same amount off time to do as it would if you had it all in your inventory Its not a massive change and wouldn't effect ballance its just a quailty of life change
  10. I mean we wouldn't need admins if people could follow simple rules but hey ho here we are xD
  11. I though about barns where you could grow crops such as potato's and weed and what not could be you have to water them and give them fertilizer each restart or every hour or what not and you get potatoes you can sell to a gas station and weed can either come out unprocessed or processed like a home grown weed and it sells for less but you don't have to process it.
  12. 1st Legal option crafting things such as laptops or ipads to be sold for a lot off money for example to make a laptop you need to make a case screen and a processor and combine them makes a lot of money each but very time consuming 2nd legal option something simple like steel so you process iron into iron bars then take them to the steel mill where you process them again for more money (same price as maybe coke or crank) what about a skill system so for example you pick weed if you keep doing it you get better at it so say max of 15 levels for each activity each level can do different things so level 1 could make you pick faster and level 15 could make you get perfect weed something that rewards you for doing a skill over and over again (if you reach level 15 in a skill you could unlock something maybe a bigger backpack or something) Illegal way: blood diamonds so you go collect them from an area and have to take them to a cleaning plant to have them cleaned and cut then take them to a smuggler to get them off the island and to get your pay.
  13. Problem is with removing skins people paid for it taking something they brought away It's like going to the supermarket buying a pack of gum and then on the way out they take 3/4ths off it. or like buying a skin for csgo and then it gets removed, its essentially stealing something people have paid for
  14. Yes there is no rule in place that would prevent you from doing so How else would you save your friends from being kidnaped in someone's house
  15. sounds a bit like he has a scrotum in his mouth trying to talk through it
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