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  1. yep, running out of stuff to do. Lemme know if u got something interesting
  2. heads up if i play im imposter. Also if u need to scream/screech to get ur point across dont join. I can not confirm or deny this story. But he's right it did happen.
  3. its just tower lag dont know why uadded the video. idc for the skinning knife tho add it who cares
  4. for all the people who wanted a kavala purge event. there ya go
  5. the instant link me ur app dude
  6. Yeah dont reduce sway or you will be ruining le business.
  7. so u also post vids of urself riding bicycles?
  8. those cops needs an iq test
  9. ngl when something says edited by x person. I expect there to be editing
  10. I dont think anyone except space turned space gay.
  11. Advise based in elo: nocturne mid cause u enjoy it but go dark Harvest/electrocute. Second keystone go celerity / waterwalking for movemeent speed for roams. Go full lethality (duskblade first) and keep roaming. Prob take ultimate Hunter as ur red end thingy for more roam kills. Sidenote: dont advice this build in higher elo where people can lane/Ward.
  12. That's not a requirement and you know it raza.
  13. Common dont do the guy like that, i thought u got banned for cheating @kenn ?scripting Just sounds fucking lame in 2020
  14. Put gang name from sender in text message, doesn't seem 2 hard to solve
  15. Okay calm it Eazy, one sentence does the trick this just makes reading the thread aids
  16. Shoot tires without iniation then when they are stranded iniate through phone = win win
  17. wollie35


    Log to server 2 and buy gear and log back, Oh wait
  18. I like 100% and 5%. If i want 5% i either have to put 10% and do two taps or do 2 taps then. I like 1 key press. So next patch it's there? Was about to write a script to just lower ArmA 3 in volumemixer.
  19. Got any recommendations then, besides yesterday all ive played is smash Bros on the switch. Legit ive not seen any good releases
  20. Fix earbuds? Make it like old ones, only 2 settings default and set percentage. Dont see option in phone
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