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  1. Did you talk to them about it? If rod did not report you then who did lol. Also true that. They have deep roots and like to bitch. I got yelled at for telling them to fuck off in a training after they tell me to kill myself lol.
  2. i would say yes to the jets but dont have them cost more then a house. At most 200k with insurance and all that stuff. I dont want to have to grind up to get those when i already did before.
  3. it would be cool if the APD could get them too.
  4. Whos gonna pay for it? Sure as hell not me. Got better things to spend my money on in that game.
  5. What do you think guys are speed bombs op or not? JK this was funny af tbh.
  6. can we get a piolet skin or one of the extra armor skins from crates with the sub? I will sub if i can get those. Spent way to much on keys and get nothing.
  7. Thanks for the chance. I would love the better armor outfits. 76561198085834747
  8. im not trolling. I only have 105k. If i can get it while only having 3k left its a win. But since your pretty cute i can go up to 103k. I can make up that extra 1k by picking apples for an hour or two.
  9. Remove bounty hunters from whatever you said and i can gt behind it.
  10. Reported and deported. Feel free to ban yourself. JK that is funny AF
  11. I just wish constables got something better. Would love to be undercover or a cop medic which im sad got removed. Constables could definitely use a buff of sorts. Anything would be nice. Like a change in the talent tree to for faster bloodbags or even a helmet. (No im not paying for a chance to get one. My luck isnt that good). I know corporal has undercover but Its difficult to get promoted at all especially since there was leaks and they did not promote this month. Could happen again many times and no one gets to move up and such. If it happens once its bound to happen again.
  12. shush. Mostly keep Y on death would let me keep redgulls anyway lol
  13. +1 we need all of these. Plus like 2 redgulls that we spawn with.
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