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  1. still better than @Farmer Steve's computer
  2. wdym dude?!?!?!?!? that's 12 percent more money at drugdealer for 2 whole minutes for only $3!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. nerf all the other shit. buff governor!!!! TO THE MOON!!!!!
  4. we know you're mid 50s old man
  5. 20% tax, legal weed, and free pardons
  6. @The Forgotten Legendpls apply we need you
  7. they saw he was inactive so they made him community manager
  8. 99% sure grenades can only kill people in restraints if the person who throws the grenade dies before it explodes which is why people throw two so the first one kills them and the second one kills the person in restraints
  9. “get fucked retard, i’m blowing up your house”
  10. In-game Name: Player ID: Current Gang: Previous Gangs: Who blacklisted you? (gang, name) i.e. FarmersVille Bag Of Funyuns: What did you do to be blacklisted: Why should you be unblacklisted from Kavala?: Any comments or concerns?: *250k sent directly to bag of funyuns to be unblacklisted without an appeal
  11. had to pick the worse youngboy song, holy shit
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