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  1. I rdm him regularly and he hasn't reported me. +1
  2. Since 2017, the real estate forums have been teenagers trying to get people to overpay for their houses. @Mitch (IFRIT) Get one of your CMs to finally do something and make a rule revision or two.
  3. Some stuff might actually get done around here. Good choices @Mitch (IFRIT)
  4. It makes me so happy to know you think I buy my money. I couldn't possibly play the game legitimately cause I'm just that good. If you ever need another farmersville trial period, send that 500k my way.
  5. A stretched and harder to read version than they already got. I like it.
  6. In case 1, if someone offers higher, than accept it. In case 2, sellers are forced to sell to the highest bidder when an auction ends. This is the inherent risk of an auction while also offering the benefit of the overpay. If people want to see what people will offer on a house, then list it for a set price and mention that you will also consider offers.
  7. The selling of real estate on the forums should be restricted to either two options: Set price An auction with a clear starting bid and end time The point of these two formats are to eliminate listings for sellers just fishing for people to overpay.
  8. Maric


    So it isn't bidding, this is just you wanting offers.
  9. Maric


    When does bidding close?
  10. Maric


    You're selling something without a price.
  11. If I cry during my mod interview, will I get the position?
  12. Not everyone buys their money like you.
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