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  1. You'd make a good higher up.
  2. you can break the rules, just dont get reported
  3. Maric

    V2 feedback

    Please make the default inventory # "1" instead of "0". Give us default debit cards at least on the test server.
  4. Mitch is a Bitch (he'll never see this)
  5. Denied on the basis of being compentent.
  6. @Samperino Can you end the debate?
  7. It is just ironic given Samperino's memo about RP.
  8. Doesn't matter. That is only allowed with illegal firearms.
  9. Assuming that they escorted him in and he was no longer wanted, they had no reason to search him for the drill again.
  10. Not even farmersville has to campaign here. Poor child.
  11. Why are you arbitrarily proposing their removal?
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