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  1. Is it a joke to put mason on this list? He doesn't even play.
  2. You make the devs closer to no longer being devs through the wonderful explanation of the problem and its solution
  3. Nice spacing. 1 Frag and your squad is having a bad time.
  4. Maric

    AFD 2020 Summary

    As far as Steve Cosma and I are concerned, these figures are inaccurate.
  5. The push to talk sound kills me.
  6. The shit you do while serving a racism ban...
  7. System doesn't need to be removed but rather improved by changing the way war point loss/gain is determined. War rating based on kills should just be +1 if you get a kill and -1 if you are killed. Adding additional methods for gaining war points outside of capping turfs and cartels would offset the loss more. Overall feels shitty right now to lose 20 points due to a newer player.
  8. Offer for both. Good if you don't have Rodo.
  9. I figured it was a given if it is owned by farmersville it is not for sale.
  10. I feel like this needs a longer trial. Wow. 1 day in the middle of the week isn't telling of the long-term effects.
  11. Can we get white-listed alpha testing?
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