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  1. How can you program a server before the game comes out?
  2. By how much? I agree. Money making methods that involve large groups should be buffed. Why 3? Why not add back money cap and convert cash into prestige? Chill with what type of bans? Seems like a lot of long bans are for DPI and cheating. What makes these federal events bad? Why? It is one of the worst methods of making money on the server. It is exactly the money sink that you are asking for.
  3. My post has nothing to do with player bans. Most players who end up with this permanent bans play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Stop derailing this thread. I don't care that only a few people know what is in the pipeline for development as long as that development is well thought-through, which it clearly hasn't been in recent times given the balance of LSD, Weed, Crypto, and electricity bills. I have offered to make suggestions on balances but I need to know all of the information about pricing of items and current rationale behind the way things are priced.
  4. Arma 3 (https://steamcharts.com/app/107410#3m Olympus (https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/7991938?serverRank=3M&playerCount=3M&timePlayed=3M&uniqueFirst=3M Asylum (https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/3267120?serverRank=3M&uniqueFirst=3M&timePlayed=3M&playerCount=3M): Is Asylum actually going to just give up and die off? This is an issue that is unique to Asylum and not as a result of Arma 3 losing popularity. There are serious issues with the economy, player and staff mentality, and factions. I've asked for the current economy information to offer my suggestion on how to fix it but it never came. Unless we spoon feed solutions (while lacking the necessary information to make these solutions) to devs, then nothing is going to change. The years of development without consideration of its impact on the overall server is the reason for Asylum's demise. Holistically rebalance the entire economy. Players don't feel like their time is worth in on Asylum anymore. Money making is easy and so is losing it all. Staff don't have the same financial restrictions as players and are disconnected as to the impact of losses in relation to the time spent to get to where they were. Factions should be oriented such that money making is primarily done through the interaction of other faction members and factions. All factions, except for APD, have methods of making money that does not involve interacting with other factions. Civilian activities only indirectly interact with the APD. AFD only interact with civilians through revives, which each faction has access to. APD won't give AFD the opportunity to revive since their loadouts are cheaper than the cost of a revive. Essentially, money making should be targeted primarily at the direct interactions of factions. Just because there's a federal event doesn't mean that the APD is going to respond. For APD, add money making that isn't solely oriented on giving criminals the fattest tickets. For the AFD, make the revive far more beneficial over the revive that the APD and Civilian factions have access to. For Civilian, nerf all money making that doesn't involve directly interacting over civilians and factions. These are only a couple of ideas and there are many more to explore. But, if you want to just roll over and let the server die, then continue what you're currently doing.
  5. Please add a rule that makes it so that the only formats for selling real estate on the forms is through a buy-it-now price or auction with a specified end date. All the "Make me offer" posts are from people who are fishing for overpay and are not actually interested in selling the property.
  6. So does this mean all the people who lost consoles already are gonna get comped?
  7. Why not just open another server with completely different database? Only reason people want a wipe is for houses. Just add a tax for owning houses so people who don't play will lose them faster.
  8. Make excess honor convertable or spendable.
  9. I rdm him regularly and he hasn't reported me. +1
  10. Since 2017, the real estate forums have been teenagers trying to get people to overpay for their houses. @Mitch (IFRIT) Get one of your CMs to finally do something and make a rule revision or two.
  11. Some stuff might actually get done around here. Good choices @Mitch (IFRIT)
  12. It makes me so happy to know you think I buy my money. I couldn't possibly play the game legitimately cause I'm just that good. If you ever need another farmersville trial period, send that 500k my way.
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