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  1. Just remove this useless shit. Who cares? I know you don't care about any real feedback but quit being a pussy trying to appease everyone. Just do it. I need more file space for my ego.
  2. @Mitch (IFRIT) fell victim to a vocal minority.
  3. So the logic is that if Olympus can't fill two servers then Asylum can't? The capacity should be to fulfill peak demand and it seems that Asylum can pull off two servers. How much is another server to run? I can't pay for it if I don't know.
  4. Then increase slots till stability is effected severely.
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) I'd likely pay for the first month of a second server if you'd say how much it costs.
  6. I don't play on Asylum because I don't want to wait to get on the server. Open a new fresh server. It won't completely populate at first but it is the only way to grow Asylum.
  7. Maric

    serious question

    I normally bath in asshole in the water.
  8. Imagine being able to survive a slug at point blank range IRL.
  9. 2 - 1 mil good deal for the family?
  10. :(

    1. 2good2lose


      why the sad face. I feel like I remember you... hmmm

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