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  1. me after seeing asylum in 2020
  2. Yall should also stop overturning bans for members of CEO of Fed.
  3. How the fuck did you need to edit this post?
  4. Maric was here before this post was censored.
  5. Staph. Don't say that.
  6. Haven't made a player report since June of 2019. Mitch spreads fake news, like how he said Asylum will expand.
  7. You can't read apparently.
  8. How's anyone supposed to know when there's no associated announcement?
  9. I don't see why this should be part of the "Community Manager" position. There is an army of inactive admins and fresh mods who should handle the majority of this. At a minimum, the "Community Managers" should give a weekly update on where things are in Asylum.
  10. Should probably give such a position to people who have time to do it.
  11. In the good old days, they'd modque people for derailing.
  12. Lets just save us a lot of time. No need to craft up a description to a position that has no meaning.
  13. I've recently started playing 10-20 hours a week for the last two months and have yet to see any of these three "Community Managers" play on Asylum or interact with the community. I do only play within the civilian faction so they may spend their time with AFD and APD, but Civilian is the largest faction on the server, by size and IQ. I don't understand how people who are not even part of the community are "Community Managers". Leady does get the benefit of being active on administrating the forums but I don't see them ever on the server for the community they manage. If the response from administrators is "There's a lot going on in the background", then just hide this post.
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