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  1. That's means nothing tbh, people back then have almost 0 clue about the game nowdays everyone understand the game and knows what to do plus rag is nothing compare to the rest of everything
  2. 3hrs later still in que
  3. Gaskal

    V2 feedback

    I want the v2 release more than most of the people here but i think its way better to delay it a little bit than release it with game breaking bugs however i can't tell when its out but i can see we are about to see it live however all the future will be added very soon after release and the devs will have more time to focus on constants than trying to fix the servers since the issue is resolved
  4. Gaskal

    V2 feedback

    What missing on the server beside medics and BH that effect the gameplay ?
  5. At least you have the balls to admit it
  6. ooff congrats, Welcome to the team
  7. Gaskal


    Stop insulting the fucking tea by adding ice to it please #stopinsultingthedaymtea
  8. i would say i miss everything/one on these videos
  9. ill RP as terrorist been doing it my whole life
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