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  1. mAKE PUBLIC ESM slots that are just qoute emr ranked
  2. or to prevent guns being dumped make to so you cant mail pysichal items
  3. Let us store the african warlord items we craft.
  4. Expanding on what willima said It take probaly quite a bit of mission for for something used for the first money then never being touched again other then a few times a month by new people and then the arma 3 ai problem IT is as @william said aimbotters to easY AF But this is a really cool idea
  5. what if everoney else in your gang is inactive what about then
  6. or make it so a civ has to pick up a gold bar in the first few minutes of the fed
  7. i like this idea tbh as the medical airdrop didnt work the time i tryed it
  8. [WTS] Paros 3c House Map View: Its is, 430m from Heroin Field, 450m from Jewelry Emporium, 1.4km from The Black Market, 2.1km from High Yield Quarry, and 2.9km from Meth Lab, Offers Below or on discord
  9. i want this to have new players to make money as its not as riskey as weed theses days
  10. it advertized when gang port pop's why is there a need just dont capture them the restart beforre gang fort and of gang fort
  11. we can get a 9mm suspressor from cops all the other suspressors are a no
  12. For once i agree with this guy
  13. tbh idk it wwill truelly be up to what we see but i hope captain who abuse with get unseated
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