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  1. Red = dead simple as. If you ever get reported for rdm just say "his name was red". Ez.
  2. Its tower lag ya dipshit, been a thing since arma first came out. If you want a fair advantage against tower lag dont stand still and move around like they are.
  3. Trump was like a child throwing a tantrum last night. Great enjoyment to watch him fail.
  4. That second dude is WOLLLLLLLLLLLLINGGGGG them W's real haaaaaaaard.
  5. tbf Kavala is the same with or without the red circle but the circle just adds a little bit of class to the entire thing.
  6. Youre prob right. Last time i checked it was when they first got added.
  7. On paper they've always had the same armor value since they where added but they would always kill you in 1-2 shots. Did arma update them recently or some shit?
  8. Its funnier doing this to cops during a briefing. Slash bandoleers are beautiful.
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