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  1. Honestly, id scrap Malden and go to Tanoa. Malden is a terrible map for 2 factions with limited airfields. Start with Tanoa and just work on it as you go.
  2. Only issue with a wipe is it can literally make or break the server. If this was like exile or dayz or some shit then it wouldnt be a big deal but with life mods its life or death. Asylum lost a shit tonne when they changed the money and reduced cap to 10mill and that was only money they touched, so bare that in mind.
  3. How long have i been gone?..
  4. If its like last time its not the armament but lack of places to land on malden with 2 factions. Armed drug runner planes would be good but would need to be hella cheap with lack of radar for AA.
  5. How the fuck am i supposed to piss off all the esport players then? Place 2 air craft carriers for each side cause i know landing was the issue last time.
  6. Global Mobilization was terrible but ive been playing the Vietnam one all day on koth and its 10x better.
  7. Yeah but Clint "tHeY dOnY cArE aBoUt AsYlUm AnYmOrE LoL xD" until they get banned and wanna play again.
  8. Ya'll understand this is a "roleplay" server on a 9 year old milsim and not an esport right?
  9. Yup lets give every cunt in kavala the ability to buy a $500 sui vest from the boat shop, GENIUS.
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