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  1. you changed your PP for the first time in like 4 years and about time you tortoise shagger

    1. Sean That Irish Guy

      Sean That Irish Guy

      Ive changed it like 6 times because i couldnt remember what pic i used before so this one will do lol

    2. GO7NEY
  2. Azeh has no teeth.

  3. Add this and you need no more.
  4. @Jesse Any eta on when infamy and BH etc will be added back?
  5. Well youre unbanned now i guess so gg? lol
  6. Admins where selling money to players, the owner didnt seem to care or whatever and then someone deleted their db and backups, apparently. All this has been just word of mouth to me so far.
  7. Exactly, so go to one of them with whoever needs the money and bam, problem solved. Anytime ive needed to comp someone from my gang bank in the past or needed to move money for whatever reason ive either done it while theres others around or went to an atm in bum fuck nowhere and done it. Gang bank transfers havent been an issue to warrant any sort of change, theres a right amount of risk vs reward as it stands. If it aint broke, dont fix it.
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