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  1. Everyone takes the ban over listening to Rick after getting caught by him tbf.
  2. Or you can simply do it with how most gangs have done it from the beginning which is just give out an equal amount to those who you yourself see being active? Or use it for comps only and tell them to get fucked if broke.
  3. When it takes you out of gang group, you cant go back into gang group unless you relog. With groups made with the phone, when you get removed in restraints you either cant get back in, have to relog or make another group. Hes not saying it shouldnt make sure not show up for gang mates, hes saying its messing up gang group/normal groupss afterwards.
  4. @Azeh when he finally fixes the lag:
  5. I just feel like it would've been better to bring in more people outside of the current cliche that have been added currently at the beginning so that there would be different opinions all round and not the same one from the same group. Right now there is pretty much only cops, career or ex higher ups, and i feel like some outside influences would benefit just as well.
  6. All ive seen so far is friends of friends getting in thus far. I know its early days still and its not even implemented fully but yeah, someones gotta say it.
  7. Server lag when evidence locker was in, no lag when out. I fix server. U no teeth.
  8. It could but touch that and all the recent work would be for nothing. Same argument on paper, completely different outcomes.
  9. Having the talent to have it now that its illegal is kinda pointless.
  10. So with the MX being illegal now does that mean you dont have to have a bounty hunter license to carry it? And is the Spar16 legal now for BH?
  11. If im not mistaken its only certain ranks that can do it and itll work the same way as how higher up cops do it with only them going in.
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