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  1. Youre prob right. Last time i checked it was when they first got added.
  2. On paper they've always had the same armor value since they where added but they would always kill you in 1-2 shots. Did arma update them recently or some shit?
  3. Its funnier doing this to cops during a briefing. Slash bandoleers are beautiful.
  4. Hey, remember that time you tried landing an orca in rodo like a fuckin' airplane and killed everyone? ha
  5. Durga done this before and caused a MASSIVE shit storm, and he was only a retired captain. Someone shot out a hemmit driver just as it left the fed, he ran up seized to a car and left while EVERYONE was still there. Shortly after, it was changed so that there needs to be an all clear to seized. @Rafael @DarkKnight It would make more sense if it was like a snatch and grab because they can be annoying as fuck but if its a full fed with hemmits etc then this should never be a thing. The risk for reward of feds now is not worth because it can be seized regardless of whats going on now.
  6. Last time i tried to suggest something legit i got a "lol" in response. The channels aint as open as you think.
  7. But they always play the server so they know obviously.
  8. Can you stop making fucking sense? Please? Making me look bad ffs.
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