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  1. Well its all made in Arma 3 Eden Editor...just takes some practice to get it done
  2. All of this stuff that you have seen in the video is custom made.And its been placed by me.
  3. Well its all made in Arma 3 Eden Editor and there is a lot of work behind every scene in a video like this.
  4. @Bob Logger I have in mind to do a rebel trailer.. @Mutiny Thank you!
  5. Thank you buddy!..Ye lets say that that zombie part was not planned in the actual video but as i said im testing out new stuff like (UnitCapture,UnitPlay,Different mods like "Zombies" and new hardware equipment..)but like i mentioned before that the video was a beta test for all of that,so in the future i can focus only on high quality footage and more projects for Gaming Asylum.
  6. It has been a while and a lot of work in this video i have created to hopefully entertain you guys as much as i can.Also i have been improving my equipment so if you spot some "bugs" in the video i do sincerely apologize...Kind Regards! Max.
  7. Saw him at Armachinima awards...It does not look bad
  8. HAHAHA one of the best videos i've seen in a while!
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