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  1. you'd risk blowing up the tempest. no real way to winning that
  2. Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows.
  3. And more importantly where's my apd issued suicide vest!
  4. In game name:KrazyKnight Age:24 Location/Timezone:USA EST Arma 3 hours(screenshot):https://i.gyazo.com/0de515df56c032edfbdfe94d5ba4f183.png Asylum hours: Same amount of time, if not less. I've only play KOTH and asylum. Hell made my start in asylum. Previous gangs:Black Spades,Uninvited,Independent Slayers Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: I love me some dildo rock. And yes. Why do you want to join us?:For the memes and for the lolz. And be in a good well known gang. What can you bring to the FSA?:More memes, and some good CQC combat. I suck at long rang, sorry bois. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? @Alec-I
  5. While I waited for my group to show I was laughing my ass off. So many ifrits passed me while I was wearing this bright orange fuck off outfit. Took you about roughly ten minutes? Still that just adds onto the point that we need to be forced to push something rather than just jacking it in a bush but that's my take.
  6. I got me a better job. also couldn't be asked to do the hours outside of retried in game sergeant requirements
  7. Wrong. Kill everything you see. Only right answer ez
  8. I'm in the video! I'M FAMOUS
  9. I believe it's just when they do; they would get the notification afterward. But imo you already have that if you look at chat.
  10. No if anything the server needs a wipe is what I was getting at.
  11. Well extra five days with an IRS penalty. This is good for the short term I suppose.
  12. Maybe next patch. We'll see.
  13. Re-adding the parole system would be ez mode for me on cop imo. Get all the money and the civ can walk away without paying, just can't commit a crime for another half hour or so. Hell yeah add that back.
  14. Lol I was screaming about a cat on fire before. Athira crazy
  15. This is mainly a coniuation for SRT getting better personal protect such as CSATS and Granite's that can be found here: The conversation's main focus led to this post being made and that adjustments needed to be made. The armor that we currently have is insufficient, with a simple one-bullet leg shot doing the average SRT enjoyer in. This does not help because most SRT members use 5.56mm and 6.5mm. The last comment mentioned on the previous thread stated, "Adding Granite B's/CSAT/Pilot coveralls for SRT has been an ongoing conversation for some time that we have yet to reach a consensus on." So let's end that debate here with a poll! Other solutions have been voiced in TS and on the forums, so I'll start the list of what has been suggested thus far. As always, new input from everyone is greatly appreciated. Allow SRT to have CSATS/Granite Bs as an additional payment option. Normally, each respawn will cost you 5k. Make it so that it is increased to 10K as an option to use extra protection to balance. (Personally, not a fan of this since an uncap is 20k already, and depending on the type of day you're having, it will be more of a loss than it's worth.) Allow SRT to UNLOCK CSATS/Granite B at around 50 kills. This way, you'll spawn with the usual SRT default gear and change it out later at the vendor with no additional cost. There are others that I'm clearly forgetting, but this is an excellent vehicle to work with regarding this conversation and possible solutions. I would also like to hear from a developer perspective as well so that I can get more of an understanding of the tech side of things. Thanks for reading if you did!
  16. Or the fact that everyone has money so why bother with the farming. I would like to believe this was more geared to the new players if anything.
  17. It's camping time boys! Get your ghillie suits on!
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