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  1. Not yet, hotfix was just quick changes.
  2. That's very strange, never seen that when testing. Can you relog to see if it's still like that?
  3. When you sell the drugs it should give the infamy.
  4. if things work properly, only 1 scalp can drop for any specific contract ID. So the first person with that contract to kill that guy and make his scalp drop, will make it so no other scalps with that same ID will drop.
  5. Best case scenario if you have the right perks you still lose 30% of the money you put down on teh bounty.
  6. I'll accept rocket league keys as a thanks (I really want this retarded engine sound) https://streamable.com/pq3zr
  7. Well now that it actually exists, it's easier to give a time We did get some testing done tonight and fixed some issues. I'll try to talk with bamf tomorrow and we're gonna run through everything and just make sure all the checks that are needed for certain parts of the system are in place.
  8. That depends on how soon we start testing and such. Tomorrow hopefully since I don't have work tomorrow. I just need everyone else to be available.
  9. That's the next plan Now that i'm FINALLY done with this stuff I can focus on performance. I want to try a variety of new things and I'm pretty confident with this new approach I can spot the issue.
  10. Hopefully not, everyone wants this out as soon as possible so hopefully we get some testing done tonight. Gonna need to enforce a no WoW law for the next 8 hours
  11. Just a status update again, the update is feature complete 'I beleive'. Just waiting for more testing tonight when bamf gets on. We have to come up with names for some of the newer talents but the functionality is already coded and ready for testing tonight. As for server performance, as I mentioned I've got some new stuff I wanna try that I'm going to show bamf when he gets on. I'm feeling hopeful this new method will shed light on what's making the server go poop poop.
  12. So did I... in 2014 that is And on the topic of making a mission from scratch, you guys are under-estimating the amount of work it would require. I don't think anyone here that develops has enough free time to make that happen. I tried to do it myself in ~2015. I remade user interface's, remade map systems, wanted system, things like that. But those things are only a small piece of the whole thing. It's just an overwhelming amount of work that is required to make something like that in a reasonable amount of time, especially alone. So I scrapped that idea and just took the cool stuff I made and put it in my main framework.
  13. nah fam i was first, why you gotta @ me the instant i post boi
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