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Sui vesting $1.8million in gold bars and have the best pilot

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55 minutes ago, bigjohn561 said:

Yep... got to love vesting ur own gang mates. 

But it was a accident. Didn't notice ur name on the map.

you took one for the team even though i didn't know you were there

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1 hour ago, Luke SwagWalker said:

tbh id kill an entire orca full of ds just to blow up a hemmit full of gold bars. 

Yea i know.

Edited by bigjohn561
Um.... I wasnt in the orca. 3 DS was doing the fed.

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14 minutes ago, Hoodlum Priest said:

Wait, you can detonate vests inside a vehicle? I didnt know that.

Ohhhhh, that changes some things.

No I had jumped out as soon as he got shot out. I was hitting the hot key to detonate like crazy

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