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  1. Congrats to you guys for making it
  2. I would like to know if there will be large amount of gas in the station at all times so I know if I need to move units around for gas spills and explosions
  3. I saw youtubers post videos about being on asylum and interviewing people about it. Made me curious about it from the dying community I was in cause the previous owner was a drunk and never did updates to the server. I loved there was 5 servers and they were full every day all the time and it was a spam to get in, people were also less toxic cause the toxicity was spread through out the servers lol I stay around cause I don't feel like I'm done playing arma, and there's really no other community that catches my interest. I don't find players from else where that seem to draw my attention that. Plus I like the people around here. Ya'll are good people despite at times being dumb, others be toxic, but most ya'll cool and love to hang out with.
  4. Bread

    AFD 2020 Summary

    We don't count missing medics as dead medics until you return the body to either the hospital or our administrative office in Pyrgos, thank you. Twas the goal
  5. Love the gold armor for some reason but the rest midnight. Looks awesome
  6. Bread

    AFD 2020 Summary

    You're the reason I have to ask for a larger budget each year regardless
  7. 2020 Fire and EMS overview The Altis Fire Department had a very busy year in 2020 and broke a record amount of calls being dispatched for over the months. We responded to over 12,000 calls within the months running 1,338 calls in the month of July. Employment records were up, the AFD hired over 800 new medics and firefighters to staff across the 4 stations over the island. Flags will be at half staff for the rest of the month at the AFD stations in order to remember the loss of the 600 medics lost in the line of duty last year to random events. Various amounts of calls ran by the AFD this year included. 532 car accidents 400 car fires 633 cardiac arrest 322 building collapses 148 Structure Fires 900 shootings 832 in Kavala 193 Broken Legs 430 Car repair aids 200 Refueling Aids Rest of calls in general 311 medical aid transports One of the biggest disasters to happen to the AFD was the loss of all of our medics in the line of duty and I would like to touch on a few of the losses. 100 medics struct by fast moving cars on side of road 250 medics taken hostage and killed 50 medics building collapse 50 medics falling out of helicopters and moving trucks 40 medics fired for misbehavior issues 110 medics killed by Lieutenants and Captains 2020 was a very hefty year on our budget to training new medics and getting further equipment after losing over 3,000 vehicles to our arsenal of response vehicles and 700 helicopters.
  8. Because you guys keep destroying AFD equipment and I have to replace our vehicles. Our budget can't keep taking this.
  9. At least we had music halfway to party to while watching it.
  10. If you look at them though, you can see they don't work either
  11. Still trying to decide if this is the video I fire you on or not
  12. I think the greatest thing about being the Fire Chief is being able to stand in Kavala without being bothered while you see 3 APD officers get kidnapped

  13. I have to agree. While you'll see people say its too much you end up having other gangs say hold my beer and make off with the loot
  14. I feel I need to start doing drugs to understand this post
  15. I'm not sure what I expected to see here when I clicked on this
  16. Pilot helmets are accessible to A-EMTs who have access also to a different selection of helicopters (the MH-9 hummingbird)
  17. You call, I haul. https://i.gyazo.com/221b6c8b2dd27341e0e218f0c45ffbd4.mp4
  18. I have an agreement with the Captains that you guys will get lethaled and my medics will get paid
  19. Are you trying to run Meth in a Taru Cargo? Damn... Good luck. But +1 I kinda like that idea
  20. You had access to pilot helmets
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