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Smash & grabs

should smash and grabs be fixed?  

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  1. 1. should smash and grabs be fixed?

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Look at how broken this shit is. There needs to be a fix with the smash and grabs. 100k or 2 bars in literally one minute. There is a slight chance that officers can reach the fed but the suspect will be out of the area before, in the third video you can see that we were lucky enough to catch them last second. One bar in the go-kart, one bar on him. 

These three smash and grabs were all in about an hour and a half. 



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the event is meant to be challenging, not a roblox tycoon. The purpose of the Federal reserve is to be an end game event where groups of rebels fight the APD for that delicious mullah. Not about grabbing some gold bars and hoping the cops are too busy to arrive immediately.

The event should have a evidence lockup style disable systems before domes could be broken into. something around 4-5 minutes should allow for the federal reserve to become what it is supposed to be.

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Make the redeploy not take 15 seconds, maybe make it so when its fed you can teleport from anywhere just like with evidance and then the problem will be fixed

When swat is called at a smash and grab, I almost always make it in time, but that 15 seconds is the diffrence with them getting away and getting caught

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