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  2. I've got the second BH tree maxed out, and i want them removed.
  3. People who try to gatekeep a community discussion should suck my knob. I like the idea that Bounty hunters can fill in when police are not around but I think a better way to handle abusive hunters is to say deny bounty hunter licenses after a certain amount of charges related to abusing the license. This way, an abusive bounty hunter cannot get the gear or the license for X amount of time due to their abuse of their power.
  4. my idea is remove the po7s and the city bh shops and only keep skiptracer for downing weapons so no endless spawns with po7s and costly equipment
  5. I'm voting remove and I have like 2 honor trees maxed out.
  6. I’m fine with having bounty hunters but I think the MX should be more costly and have them only in stock if players are crafting them
  7. I sorta feel like whitelisted medics is gonna be a bad idea. The only way to make it useful is to make people wait on a respawn screen instead of spawning after 45 seconds. Nobody is going to want that. Unless medic gets like some interesting side jobs I think it's just going to make things more annoying
  8. People who are voting to remove BH, but they have very little to no honor should not have a valid vote.
  9. Are yall gonna keep bitching about shotguns now that they are slugs only?
  10. I want Halo MCC on PC. That's a V2 that I didn't fucking get this summer
  11. I'd like BH to be removed or at least heavily nerfed. V1 bounty hunter was basically a improved rebel license. I would be okay with BH's having MXs but they should not get coveralls and shit like that or a hunter. Obviously a much higher minimum bounty is needed like 25k or higher. also, I think rebel should always be made better than BH and the route players will want to go. V1 bounty hunter was better logically in my opinion, you could do rebel shit better and with downing guns which are an advantage because anyone you ziptie can't come back and get another chance of get getting their stolen shit back. If you're playing BH you should be more forced to play as someone following laws and if you are downing people who aren't your bounty or stealing shit you should be insta jailed for abusing the license like the old days. Just some thoughts, although I rather see BH gone. Fighting is more fun without them. Maybe the solution is to make constable more fun to play?
  12. Yesterday
  13. White list and leave it at that. Would be nice to see Medic progression though in terms of ranks/hierarchy.
  14. its my profile pic from like 3 years ago give me a break, i never got around to chainging it xD
  15. is that a yasuo profile pic? consider ur opinion ignored
  16. The 6.5 is scripted by the devs. If they want to they can make it more powerful than a shotgun bullet ( downing rounds are scripted) and for years i could down a geard rebel with 2 shots in the leg by a 9mm of a po7
  17. I dont know man XD i never played medic was never worth it
  18. I really believe equipment should stay as is with a raise in minimum bounty. Bounty hunters can go where cops can't and serve a purpose. Policing the server where and when the APD can't. If you remove or need bring back cartel raids and lower the requirements from before. People shouldn't be safe to do crime because they are afraid of being out played. Also I think the poll should be remove or nerf. Then a second poll about how to need once concluded. Votes are gunnanbe split heavily this way
  19. Keep it. I like playing BH solo and there's no fucking chance of a solo player getting any bounty over 50k unless it's an RDMing combat logger in Kavala. Maybe >10k, but >25k is too large for solo bounty hunters. The people complaining about doing drug runs with a 5k bounty don't even leave Kavala. Cops don't patrol Kavala, so the bounty hunters do it for them.
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