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  2. not nearly as much as asylum
  3. I bet I could get a spike off on an ifrit the first try especially on the road
  4. 5 different communties.
  5. you should be happy the server was laaging otherwise u'll die early at least you got a chance to get closer to the cartel cuz of the laag what i see here you had advantage cuz of the laag
  6. Then no bitching for you
  7. no
  8. Even more retarded then tbh. Why not just wait until they finish it it's even worse we have to actually depend on them to be on to bring the servers up when they're already inactive not only inside of the game but also outside of the game.
  9. Can I get a TL;DR
  10. They haven't added it. They manually bring servers up/down because Paratus still hasn't finished his part.
  11. Can't ram cars, ifrits and hemtts eat up bullets and rarely crash, and you have to get yourself in front of a chase to use them where the typical constable will crash anyways.
  12. That's the thing is they didn't. They just added it without saying anything. And now when the servers do get 80+ players it seems they don't turn on automatically and they have to do it manually. They've been off all morning and now suddenly s3 is up. So they either fixed it or they actually have to manually bring the servers up.
  13. Yeah I think I might be putting my farewell soon... These servers are getting more and more retarded by the week. I'm starting to forget if I'm playing asylum or Olympus, since both are becoming very similar.
  14. Very well put, John. I agree. I put all of my time on Asylum into S3 just to have it not see the light of day until the weekend. Same with another friend of mine.
  15. Where did they say it was implemented?
  16. Yeah I have all my old shit on s4 but all my recent shit on s3 same with my scotch houses so when they take it down I have no scotch to sell which = No $ which = no playing asylum which =equals asylum Dieing if enough people don't play.
  17. dev's are retarded. probably said they implemented something but in reality they really didn't. The devs didn't even make an update post to update us on what they were doing to the servers. All I can say is let them tbh, the servers are just gonna die quicker the more they pull stupid shit like this.
  18. No its fucking stupid and cops do it too troll and fuck you over plus it doesnt take RP which i think it should. Take it out make them have to get out and place.
  19. UPDATE: They just did the complete opposite of what they should be doing...they really upped the player count to 110 players on the servers? These servers can barely handle around 80 people. Not sure what it's going to do having the extra 10 slots on there but i'd imagine it's not gonna be good. Also, both of the servers have 80+ players and the other servers have yet to turn on. Not sure if the dev's are just full of shit and didn't really implement this new feature or if it's just broken..
  20. Where is S3? server 1 & server 4 are almost filled and yet the other servers haven't come up... Anyone know when it comes up or is this a mistake in coding?
  21. Actually that was something @Gnashes may have accidentally done. We'll get that part fixed. As for deploying from a vehicle, think of it like this:
  22. no one gives a fuck / plays server 4 anyway
  23. Seriously, some people have all of their resources and gear on servers 2 and 3 and with no warning, they just shit on them.
  24. i dont like porch monkeys.
  25. agreed
  26. Today
  27. On further investigation, the new update is even more shitty than I thought.
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