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    kys wasnt funny until now. ty @Samperino
  3. i meant a weapon or something
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  5. KYS

    @Tyrese @Dom @STON3COLDK1LL3R
  6. o7 Spy, I always knew you would be gud from the day I met you. Thanks for the kind words. <3
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  8. Today
  9. KYS

    Wait we weren't at Axalp?
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  11. KYS

    Telling someone to "kys" is part of the asylum culture.
  12. KYS

    Looks like some people need to file a hurt feelings report, I think @SharingWriter handles all that so pm with your hurt feelings reports!!!!!
  13. KYS

    I think you don't understand what he meant when he said that.............. "kys" is a common term used among African Americans to represent keeping each other safe with all the systemic racism and oppression they receive on a daily basis. Only White Males use it to say "kill yourself" which suggests to the person that they should commit some form of suicide (such as drink bleach, dangle from a ceiling fan, etc).
  14. KYS

    "how dare you hurt my feelings"
  15. KYS

    an *armed* fighter jet....shooting live guns
  16. KYS

    @Samperino What are you gonna do?
  17. i dont know why this made me laugh as much as it did
  18. KYS

  19. nah, I meant the "multiplier" stays for the entire reset. Im not sure if thats even possible though, i have no idea how scripts work. Just throwing out some ideas.
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  22. KYS

    Kiss your self?
  23. KYS

    Atleast you didn't get kicked for strafing envy mid-combat in a fighter jet.
  24. I know but you said that includes soft logs i think, So that is a problem. Further than that i thought with the post title you meant more bounty's you've EVER caught will count in for a bigger paycheck.
  25. no, then it would get messed up every time there was a bank/fed
  26. KYS

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