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  2. @bamf @Clint Beastwood Just my honest opinion as a long standing player, primarily as an APD Officer (with majority of my time being a Sergeant or Lieutenant) what Bamf said about lethal ammunition costing more: I believe this to be a good idea as the cop payout for lethal for even a max payout bounty is hardly anything, removing it wouldn’t change a thing... making the lethals cost more however would make officers (most, not all) carry less lethal ammunition, I suggest changing the script for the default loadout to not include lethals forcing APD members to purchase it if they desire to use lethals, after all (though some may argue) the APD was created for what I see as just a few reasons, to always give rebels an enemy and to give players a faction for more RP... Currently the APD that may be seen as “corrupt” dont lethal for money, they lethal out of anger or for dumb reasons... TLDR: Don’t have the script give default lethals, make lethals cost more (by more I mean something that hurts the bank if they die over and over) Hopefully this coming from someone who plays more cop than civ and a long standing player of the community this will be taken as a credible source for suggestion considering I’m not trying to “buff the APD” that people bitch about even though our “buffs” are minor and balanced
  3. great debate as always thomas.
  4. Naa
  5. Ideally you would want to affect the whole process of gathering, processing and selling instead of just the latter. Higher risk (more cops) should definitely yield a higher reward.
  6. Today
  7. Make gas station robberies worth more for civs and for cops to stop them.
  8. Is this still available? If so, I'll offer 400k.
  9. If we remove both the payout and the pardon then in many, many situations there will be no "risk" for the rebel/civilian faction. They can sit in groups of two on top of a building and play whack a mole with the cops with impunity. That's the reason I framed the 3 options the way that I did - to ensure there is risk and reward on both sides regardless of which ammunition or tactic is employed. Another change we could make is to make lethal ammunition cost more for the APD. That way there is a risk to having a large amount of your loadout geared around ammunition that limits RP interactions. Ultimately, even though we are a "light RP" server I would still like the factions to have to interact with each other more than just by sport shooting one another.
  10. Just put the price of drugs up since lets be honest nobody really buy drugs.
  11. Isn't this a arma thing?
  12. Report bad cops. You as a civilian have every right to do that.
  13. hq lockdown and breaching bank/fed needs to be part of ride along questions. We can't teach common sense. What we can do is remind APD officers that they have the responsibility to respect the civilians in every aspect while still doing our job. I'm not saying for cops to just run up and rp it out, because 9999/10000 of the times that will not work.(please try to rp never know.)But to go full lethals when first approaching bank without intel about call outs is shit. To also let every fucking civilian inside an hq unchecked is horse shit. It is simple to tell them to leave or have them be restrained until their friend is handled. If they want to be the lawyer for their friend because their friend is shit at rp. ok. restrain the lawyer(with consent. if they dont consent then dont let the lawyer in). Watch the skies. watch the gates. simple.
  14. go to sleep this is why me and gnashes need to have a beer together we think so alike (except i dont like anime)
  15. Any specific gun? I haven’t seen a script failure for downing rounds for damn near over a year
  16. Correct. Should be as if you nothing changed at all.
  17. > Buy meth at 5am > Sell meth at 10pm ???? PROFIT (Yeah, probably not)
  18. Yeah not saying it's an excuse........just saying that from a human nature stand point it is a little frustrating to go through about 7 minutes of quality RP and then get vested. Totally agree on the training.
  19. Really good build
  20. But for majority of the APD, bottom floor of bank is unreachable. Time to go lethals because it took 8mins to respond @SharingWriter 1) A "timer" is no excuse for an APD officer to do his job poorly. 2) Perhaps some APD lock-down trainings are needed. Far too many times I or a gang member have walked through HQ and got a vest off. That's on the APD.
  21. With some groups and gangs cops basically have a 4 minute timer..before they get vested
  22. I'm pretty sure script failure and "accidental lethal" is synonymous in this day and age.
  23. This right here is true say. #removelethalpayoutandpardon
  24. I'm all for removing insta-pardon and insta-payout from lethals. However, I already know that an alarming amount of APD personnel are not going to process criminals correctly after downing them. I can see why, since some players can be pretty toxic to process without a higher up there to mitigate the process. As was already mentioned, it's a more of community issue than a game mechanic issue. On a side note, I see a lot of half-assed tactics being employed when lethal force is used compared to a downing approach. Cops end doing a zerg rush or a sniper elite spin-off just to score a kill.
  25. there does need to be some benefit to fighting 20+ cops that are online you are right and the higher payouts based on cop numbers is a great idea Rebels need a good reason to fight cuz rn their really isnt one...
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