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  2. Bail price is $1500 for everyone I believe... @Gnashes
  3. oh rip
  4. Even the cartel location changes which has been given to Mitch hasn’t been done. Shouldn’t be too hard to throw a couple pictures on a thread and have the community vote or ask gangs which ones would be best.
  6. ideas have been thrown to mitch and nothing has been shown as evidence that asylum is taking them and implementing them
  7. I know just an idea
  8. i still think we are more into "content" aspects of thinks to improve rebel life.
  9. Today
  10. my achievements are still broken asf
  11. by
  12. Later bro, it was fun while it lasted
  13. sad the 5 mins are gone, i enjoyed not talking to robo cops
  14. i only talked to him a couple times, no disrespect towards dark. he's a really nice guy.
  15. I don't see the fix for parachute sirens ? ? ? ? ?
  16. Fixed
  17. Good Bye my friend
  18. cant tell if joke or
  19. nice
  20. Cya
  21. eetz toe-stin
  22. Moon Cricket
  23. we're all stuck on "setting up client, please wait..." server 1
  24. Quick hotfix the next time the servers restart Should fix the 5 minute jail timer, scrollwheel option to turn off prowler lights, and achievement bugs.
  25. I was just about to say this.
  26. i don't see no problems, knowing @Lorax always inniates, hes the perfect asylum player
  27. ^^ he gets memes once again
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