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  2. That's going to be intended behavior. Protip: Don't touch crates before logging.
  3. You also seem to think that we're willing to bring on anyone with a pulse.
  4. I am 100% sure @Atmosphere gives 0 fucks.
  5. Shit, abort!! They are onto me
  6. shooters shoot
  7. PS:A video or screenshot works best if you want some likes.
  8. Today
  9. BYE, I GUESS.? `
  10. Warrant slot needs something it is quite expensive in prestige
  11. ill see what i can do edit: just talked with gnashes, he said not happening unless you guys donate $500 to a dying server
  12. What did you do?
  13. +1 good idea
  15. I'll blow up all three of your crank houses every restart
  16. good player has finger and legs keep up the good work
  17. I will fuck you up CHIP
  18. No, fuck you AND your y-inventory
  19. bump
  20. or the devs could fix it
  21. I dont think Michael bay records his recordings.
  22. Yeah I'd like things like increase payouts too but I figure the devs might take a bit more notice if I just listed the things we need as opposed to things we want
  23. Sync and hope you return with your shit, I guess
  24. I mean tbh ive never had that gripe with Warrant, i think the whole Y inv is awesome and maybe do like if you catch your warrant you get a % increase on the bounty or prestige you would normally get so like 5% for normal warrant 7.5% for next talent 10% etc up to Master Warrant Tracker maxed at like 15% or something idk.
  25. True... but you lose your loadout and will have to purchase another before attending the bank/prison/fed adding extra time and expenses to respawning
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