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  2. @1:45 lmao I literally hopped out the Ifrit and sat on top of your nade. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love this game 10/10 music btw
  3. Nice montage
  4. The best to do is to just spam admins via PM, mostly gets you your comp instantly.
  5. sry for the aids editing hope you enjoy
  6. Fixed that for you wubz <3
  7. No, your comp request will always be answered approved or denied, they might be a backlog of comp requests to go through or yours was skipped accidentally - give it another day or so and politely bump the request Bear in mind I don't know how the system works, they might go from oldest posts to newest posts so bumping MIGHT make it take longer for a response
  8. I'm a global at Csgo. Diamond in Rainbow Six. League Challenger. Grand Champion in Rocket League. Royalty in H1Z1. 4996 MMR Overwatch. I'm a pro at everything m8
  9. Just buy the A7R II instead
  10. I've never been denied comp and I've been waiting for a day or two, which is longer than I've ever waited. Should I just assume it's denied?
  11. You're fucking awful toooo m9
  12. Case and water cooler come Wednesday and the rest Thursday. (Hopefully)
  13. The female csgo players are actually fucking awful. Juliano is the best one and she would get destroyed by a premiere player.
  14. It'll treat you well. I had a bad experience with the Asus costumer support and have since switched to EVGA since. Hope it gets delivered soon!
  15. nice
  16. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k Location (Town/DP#): Telos Asking Price: MSG ME WITH OFFERS Description: Fed and scotch house 2 story Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  17. @Eazy Sinply the best as his profile picture and topics called The Billy boys yass
  18. Went with the ASUS strix 1080. After buying everything else im poor now.
  19. i respect her body, too
  20. what about that whole bit about respecting women
  21. git gud low tier rat
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