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  2. Ok my portfolio proves itself, don't post here
  3. 1 mil? bro ur shit probably lowkey ass seeing you dont even got a forum pic. what a scam.
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  5. I would pay to see that. We can make it a triple threat match proud and his side kick of a brother savage vs the god almighty Badabing.
  6. Did you really just call a military simulator forums dead?!?!!!
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  8. yung DC needs a feature @Xehons
  9. Nothing comes close to his Asylum song.
  10. Name - TheCaptain Age - 32 Hours - 650 Vouch deez nuts - Currently a lone wolf
  11. shits fire keep up the good work @Xehons
  12. Glad to see this community stands united
  13. https://www.axon.com/solutions/law-enforcement/in-the-field#smart-weapons
  14. What do yall think WTB stands for??
  15. This post was inspired by bonnor_B and based off a true story
  16. Make sure to insult @Proud here as well, you guys seem to be doing a good job of putting him in his place so I would appreciate it.
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