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  2. Hi would love a shed near Sophia thanks
  3. Today
  4. Gr8 copy and paste. Not a real memer
  5. And what server is this on? I want to go there.
  6. ur shit bro dont even hahahahaha
  7. Look where the blood is coming from. it's the fucking face
  8. 450k for shed?
  9. How does 500k sound???
  10. What was ur hp?
  11. Why isn't this being funded? They go and bust people for excavating. Destroying historical wrecks without an Archaeologists License? Pathetic! @Dredge
  12. Savage
  13. working now so disregard
  14. Undercover is pretty much just someone that wants to look fancy and don't wear the uniform.
  15. @Boris they have definitely slowed down quite a bit yes sometimes I still see 2 or 3 kicks in a restart and usually they don't effect me that much other then some kind of rollback, but I imagine they do a great deal of damage to a newer players desire to play.
  16. Players can see when a restart is going to happen on their phone long before it happens though, can't they?
  17. Hard restarts can roll you back up to 10 minutes if they're feeling mean. We're at a really good balance of restarts v kicks, i'm genuinely impressed with how much work has gone into stopping the kicks.
  18. this is just unfortunate...
  19. I've been looking at these but essentially you're just paying a premium for a flying camera.
  20. The mass kicks are no where near as frequent as they used to be. If we switched to hard restarts more frequently more people would be frustrated that their progress would not be saved. We will continue to keep a close eye on memory and make hard restarts happen when necessary.
  21. Civilian! Stop!
  22. Nothing you said in the original post indicates the UC did anything incorrectly. They follow the same rules as a uniformed officer minus initiation in illegal areas, though I know some who still do it. Drug unit with a K-9? It's been requested adnosium. And I think maybe you'd like that LESS - ever seen CUJO? You could have just stored your phat lewt instead of being predictable. Welcome to PvP.
  23. On P4, tracers have to be authorized
  24. im so tilted i missed this dude lol
  25. Refer to this video. and my original statement.
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