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  2. Looking for server 3 rodo house. Pm me offers
  3. @Clint Beastwood is on the right
  4. Bump
  5. 50k for 200 likes
  6. Hmm I wonder who made this
  7. Thats the risk people would have to take. Also, I don't understand how it would be "too easy". It's up to the seller and buyer to set up parameters of the deal and bring backup/protection or whatever. As it is now, we have to interact with NPC's and their menus which involves ZERO ROLEPLAY. No, not like the forums. New people usually have no idea about the forums or the website. Personally I played for 2 or 3 months before getting on the forums and that was only because I got banned. Opening up a browser and going to the forums kinda breaks immersion. I spawned at 1 of my houses and I was out of backpacks. Would've paid 1k each for someone to bring me 20 carryalls. Checked the forums. Nobody is advertising backpacks AND i would rather go buy them myself than spamming sidechat. Anyway, i thought it would be nice to have a tool IN GAME again. The approach I explained seems simple enough. Of course its probably more complicated than I realise but, they already have everything they need and it doesn't need to be persistent like everything else is.
  8. Yesterday
  9. You are an absolute legend. <3 <3 <3
  11. You climbing to higher rep
  12. i liek cory b
  13. thank god
  14. Hi
  15. bye bot sorry for forgetting that drill the one time <3 also first get fucked boys
  16. I would like to say goodbye to asylum for the time being, would like to focus on irl life and learn who more about myself as a person instead of trying to be someone im not to please those on the internet. Some of you would know me as Ludde others would know me as Trig but I would like to say thank you to the community and i will be back sooner or later. Sorry that i cant tag everyone that i know but thank you to those and you would know who you are. I put this tag up, couple clips that i like. Good luck to everyone and hopefully asylum will be made great again. You will still find me in some teamspeak servers just chillin.
  17. The sirens are bugged. I have tested them and they only seem to work within 50m or so and are very quiet.
  18. clint I think we found your new wheels
  19. i got you @StayLifted
  20. Alright boys lets calm it down, I just want the song video.
  21. Roblox with max settings
  22. Why can't I dislike
  23. welcome to the shitposting club, beastwood one of us! one of us!
  24. Lovely old man.
  25. Soundcloud kids in 50 years
  26. i like him, can i be as good as him in my future with my corruption on the apd?
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