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  2. ha ha ha HAAAA
  3. Lol
  4. Today
  5. no ffa on rust ??
  6. Seems like it
  7. By accident? Are my videos on the weird side of youtube again
  8. I wonder whats in my old computer hard drive
  9. An old screenshot I found on my profile of little cadet Sandwich. Oh how they grow up so fast <3 @Sandwich
  10. Yep me2, I dont see the point spending "real life" money for ingame money on semi dead servers.
  11. I’ve never bought money in my life!
  12. who would 1v1 on snd back in the day? zzz
  13. 90% of the server buys their money anyway. Why should you all the sudden care now?
  14. Oldie but a goodie
  15. i do, i have my weapon +15 and 1 piece of armor +15 and everything else is almost +15 but i still cant do anything
  16. Bro u have tanoa, void, and toxicity clips. Why use such old clips for a montage?
  17. is this been recorded on a potato ?
  18. Found this by accident
  19. 5mil converts to 2.7mil. Still worth imo
  20. I gave him permission no forum points need to be issued!!!! Lmfao
  21. I would always tell @Legit how he was a billionaire cuz he had over 10mil prestige but then he explained to me how it works haha
  22. I miss the rich list dude and I miss gangs having a lot of money cause they would do daring fun shit.
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