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  2. not the usual troll stuff more me experimenting with shit content and after effects
  3. Star Citizen is boring. There's literally nothing to do on there and so much shit is broken. Still better than Identity tho
  4. Chinese scam, don't fall for it.
  5. Today
  6. holy shit that genuinely scared you
  7. noob
  8. I miss u @Slade Wilson
  9. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day Is ruined
  10. Yesterday
  11. i got a couple credit lines you can use
  12. transaction is no longer in progress bilal spent all his money on warframe skins, coke and hookers.
  13. I Survived the blast I am lucky to be alive here with you today @Slade Wilson
  14. play nice
  15. Bye

    I mean i spend like 10 minutes ish every week here max, Btw kys warlord no one likes you and never quote me again fat norweigen kid
  16. The Town Square sure was a success.
  17. See, these sewers aren't dead yet.
  18. Been gone for a minute just wanted to say I love you all and I'll be around soon. Red dead redemption has consumed me
  19. Maybe I will finally be free from mod que
  20. Bye

    @Gaskal So you went to Olympus and told the staff that page used a mod menu on the Asylum just to get him permed on there aswell?
  21. Bye

    Sits on the forum and telling people to get outside. Big yikes
  22. holy shit what a god!
  23. Love it how they casually get out and close the door when the car catches fire.
  24. More like practicing for a terror attack.
  25. I can take it from you if you let me join the FSA
  26. Arma physics worse than that
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