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  2. Again, wasn't saying that I want first person only servers. Skip to 0:33 to see what I'm talking about. It's still 3rd person you just have to expose head.
  4. Rip i stole it from a dead body for nothing
  5. Should post some "non violating" clips
  6. Ohhh thats why you are not flying
  7. I thought the donations were enough....
  8. The shortest possible reason I can give as to why we won't do a first person only server is this: It would never be more than 1/2 full. That's it. There is no demand for it outside of a very, very small handful, so it's not worth making a server for.
  9. sit @Sparkyeb
  10. NONE of you can land like i do, IM KING OF TOWER DROPS NOW
  11. oh hey sorry i been gone. nice job
  12. bump
  13. 1 SOLD!!!!!
  14. the legend is back
  15. Holy shit people actually use them
  17. Today
  18. Someone who is in a gang in which everyone on there roster is better then you.
  19. What I was trying to point out with the video is that I don't want only first person. Third, but you still have to expose your head, like someone in first person would. It'd be nice if asylum came out with a first person server tho that'd be nice.
  20. That account would always be empty as someone would always buy those free vehicles and resell them
  21. This is just from memory but: 1. I've seen @Ranga shoot quite a few 600+m iron sight kills and I think he included some in a montage over near Wang / Widsyy's Long houses at Church Arms. 2. @hamsham12 has quite a few iron sight mk18 kills if im not mistaken he posted like a 600 or 800m one from windmills at OG. 3. @Widsyy has like a 400m one tap running rook shot whilst on the road outside Zaros if im not mistaken its also in one of his video's. 4. I'm also farily certain recently @Crunchedd posted a few iron sight kills that were of some distance - unless im thinking of someone else 5. @The Weeb shot dredd off of the factory during a fed with iron sights this week as well lol
  22. I had a iron sight shot from old prison to tower of HQ with the mk18
  23. It was Ronald the rook god
  24. @Google™ execute operation Alpha Mike Foxtrot 2.4C
  25. Was it @Ronald or @Patrick Swazoo that had the 600m+ rook shot?
  26. fixed that for you
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