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  1. prob. I know he has at least half a brain.
  2. I think you should require Jesse to play more because even tho he spent 2k hours on Asylum was just on the "Select a spawn" screen.
  3. I say block his IP in cloudflare
  4. Hi can you give me cop rank please. Do you remember me from the past? I wz ur frend

    1. Jesse


      Consider it done.

  5. Upset I didn't make the cut for dumbest and most corrupt staff member, but I am glad you are still just as retarded as you were when you spammed our support ticket system with nonsense ^-^ Go pound some sand
  6. Make sure you keep giving him money or he'll do shit all.
  7. This shit made my week and I don't even play on this server
  8. Probs going to be added ^-^
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