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  1. Looking for the next patch notes like
  2. HI I applied but I was told French was not a sufficient language for coding. What the heck?
  3. Arma 3 is 7 years old and people are getting bored of it so less people are playing so less people are donating and populating servers so cuts have to be made so servers are shut down so server 1 is the only one standing so it can be fullish for people to play so people can have fun so
  4. +1 very successful ip grabbing cqc server
  5. Signed up, hopefully I make the varsity team!
  6. prob. I know he has at least half a brain.
  7. I think you should require Jesse to play more because even tho he spent 2k hours on Asylum was just on the "Select a spawn" screen.
  8. I say block his IP in cloudflare
  9. Hi can you give me cop rank please. Do you remember me from the past? I wz ur frend

    1. Jesse


      Consider it done.

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