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  1. 07 @BaDaBiNg_10-8 it was great getting to know you brother and I'm proud of the progress you have made on Asylum's new direction.
  2. That shed's completely worthless. I would sell back to market value if I were you. There was a time on Asylum when every Industrial Shed had Value, but that time has passed.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can't access crates when Arms is on OG. Due to the range and close distance to the cartel. I may be wrong though about your sheds distance though.
  4. Sold to @joshuaquep for a total 4.5 million dollars! Appreciated doing business with this man! Very trustworthy and great buyer!
  5. Ok so yes, I'm active. It seems that the current bid is 3 million dollars. Any other offers before I close out?
  6. |40k Short House| Located 400m West of North Rebel Asking Price: Taking Highest Offer Description: Closest and Best North Rebel House; Great for spawning quick to rebel and using a gang house!
  7. Server: 1 Industrial Shed North East of Rodo Asking Price: Taking Highest Offer Description: Shed is great for fighting turfs and turf rat shit/ storage! Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  8. Ayyy nice Tage brother!!!
  9. lil worm is the bomb
  10. Name - Walt Age - 18 Hours - 7k Vouches -
  11. Back around 6.0 there was a bug that many others and I thought was a great feature that could be added back to the servers. It was the ability to buy houses with containments of the previous owners virtual storage. When the owner of the house either sold their home, was banned permanently from the server, or had not played on the server for months there previous storage would remain in the house for the next owner to find in there new home. For me it was the servers own unique way of gambling and gave me a sense of enjoyment when buying houses. In a way it could be a way of a money sink for the server so people don't have vasts amounts of money. I understand the issue that patched the update which was 1. that it was a bug 2. That when people were banned permanently for duping, many items that were duped would remain in the house. There is a solution though if the admins wipe the players house if they were banned for that reason. This is a great feature that the player base would love to have back. For the players you can either strike gold in the house you bought or get nothing. That's the luck of the draw! @Jesse @Mitch (IFRIT)
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