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  1. I agree, we need new light to enhance our immersion.
  2. Positive rep. would be inexistent if your hated within the community. But still something that should be implemented.
  3. @Nagidal Vote for my boy Xehons!!! Quality Content right there!
  4. +1 Dedicated Water Boy
  5. Normally mine goes away once spam timer has been reset.
  6. Wow...Just Wow...Best Montage I've ever seen!
  7. Some meme pics @Roice @Kavala Asylum: Where Harassment and Toxicity is welcomed! wow
  8. honestly +1
  9. @Kevingreen23 also sorry for that lost, prob rough to see big dick nick losing like that...
  10. all these teams are trash!!! Go Pittsburgh!!! #2019-2020 But for real though: Patriots vs. Saints Saints
  11. insane!!!
  12. welcome back
  13. Nice my boi dillion
  14. Happy birthday brother!