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  1. nice bro
  2. Ready for the many memes I get to share with you!
  3. lol

  4. First
  5. nice job man
  6. Give him a break, he’s from kavala anyway...
  7. +1 I like the quality memes
  8. @Mycri get montaged twice nerd
  9. @Barkin @Tyler :D
  10. Was the mans name sgt. lynx
  11. Tbh I think it’s funny how everyone is wanting to be able to armor stack again, but yet a couple years ago the community begged the admins/ devs to nerf what armor you can wear. (Everyone complained how OP csats and carrier lites were together)
  12. cheapos in the chat....
  13. Please no.....for the sakes of all those who attempt to run away from the APD
  14. @HomeUsermy boi out here making plays!!!! +1 #rankup