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  1. Your gang is aids
  2. See you guys on Olympus! Love you my dude
  3. NFL

    Steelers Nation!!! you NFC east scrubs suck
  4. Those nigerians man...
  5. RIP Jeep Guild Boys, 40% of our team are permed. #freethejeep
  6. Wtf is that?
  7. As far as movies, The Walking Dead Movie Series and The Breaking Bad Movie
  8. bump
  9. bump
  10. tbh don't know why there's so much hate about this post. Nowhere in this post mentioned this to be a montage, it's simply just a group of guys sharing their experience surprising fellas with their rpgs. All about the memes
  11. lol only possible reason this issue would relate to the community goals, is if your house was a 40k small house. Those houses only can hold crates when we have reached the community goal.
  12. I swear it’s almost been 8+ months without jury duty
  13. boi I just watched round 2 twice and you only got two kills. Regardless you were right about the first with two kills
  14. Stat correction: yes blade got five kills, but you only had four across those four fights.
  15. Gang Wars VI Stat-Sheet |Hopefully this satisfies the people who requested a stat sheet| |I took the initiative on creating this stat-sheet, so please note this was not created by the Asylum Staff| |Made via Google docs| @Roice *link leads to published stat-sheet