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  1. <3
  2. Gambling Addiction is now been transmitted into Arma, rip my bank account...
  3. Well, wish me good luck boys! signing off from Wilmington, NC
  4. n1ce
  5. 1:50 still can't believe you shot me out. Insane!
  6. lol

    I log onto the forums after not playing Asylum for a month waiting to see the rebel talent tree that was coming out”later this week” four weeks ago... funny meme
  7. What were you banned for?
  8. Simply Gods Plan.
  9. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Industrial Shed House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 200k Location (Town/DP#): North East of Athira, East of Coke Pro, South East of North Rebel Asking Price: Taking Best Offer! Description: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  10. I remember an event done back around three years ago that was not script heavy at all. The goal of the event was for each single player (one at a time or one every 30 seconds) to drive a hatch back sport from (old) Kavala Checkpoint to Lakka Checkpoint. Each hatchback had a speed bomb on the car and at the very beginning of the event you must speed up to 50 kmph to activate the bomb. The player with the fastest speed through lakka checkpoint wins the event. I believe 99k was prize money, but you could give prize money to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place like a race. This msr has many twisty turns including the devastating turn before entering dp11. It may seem easy but if you tested driving 50+ kmph at the dp11 turns its almost impossible. Would be a great event with lots of rage and laughter!
  11. From what I heard the man that owns the s1 market house, will only sell for 50 million$ (Kavala Rumors)
  12. Suggestion: The ability to buy 7.62 weaponry in turfs would not only increase the benefits for a gang to own a turf, but would also generate many more fights and altercations between players/ police. Turfs would overall be more valuable to gangs. *Possible gang perk addition
  13. amazing clip!
  14. I understand that and fully agree with your statement, but cops need to start splitting off to different servers to give each server a decent cop count. That would not only allow for more fights/ action for all but would also open up many more opportunities no matter what your play style is.