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  1. Not gonna lie it's a good song but the beat/rhythm is fucking non existent in most of the song
  2. Wrong thread kiddo
  3. Boys why don't we all just make up and call it a day. Arguing will only make this worse
  4. Boys boys, let's all be civil here
  5. 200k @SledGangXd
  6. Which model? My old laptop was a ASUS Rog
  7. Hey guys my laptop has recently broken and I'm in need of a new laptop for school and for gaming. If anyone has any recommendations or advice on a new laptop for me to possibly buy that'd be dope! I'm looking for: Slim design (not a huge 50 pound weight) Able to play Arma 3 of course (not my main pc) Up to date specs Everything else is up in the air tbh Thanks
  9. With the rate of Asylum’s population I’d say even 3 figures would be a terrible investment...
  10. JUMP
  11. ^