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  1. Zero health at 40 seconds. Wouldn't expect less from asylum
  2. Stop using this fucking text, it looks like shit
  3. Fat rip
  4. get gud kid
  5. Tf is this shit
  6. Server 3 only comes up when the player pop (or time) is high enough on servers 1 and 2. Asylum is dying so seeing a player population high enough for server 3 to activate would be rare. Also with the low player pop, it doesn't make sense to have 3 servers when you could just focus your player base into only 2 servers and not thinning out numbers. If I were you I'd get all my shit off server 3 as so0n as possible if it ever comes up. @terry
  7. ouch
  8. Ha it's hella steeper than that
  9. Thanks dad
  11. This is by far one of the most toxic unlocked threads I’ve seen in a loooong time
  12. Yikers
  13. Caring for my weed farm
  14. Lmao this is what everyone's been saying for the past year or more. Nothing new, never get's fixed. Or at least something gets fixed and something else "breaks"