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  1. Put all gang mates that recommend said person here please thank you.
  2. Misunderstandings are the best kinda dry humor, what you mean boy. . ..
  3. Not based on any actual events. . I lost a great friend over this video. o7 Still included them in it anyways lmao.
  4. You GOT me!
  6. Never heard of them that or I'm high on post surgery meds
  7. Plus this one for @Tom Kappa
  8. I'm still doing video BOYS. . first one since I got Corporal. Hope ya like.
  9. Seems like you can either have one or the other, and personally I prefer the Mass BE Kicks until the other one is fixed.
  10. My new cop buddy. . I've found you.
  11. Can't hear anything even on loudest volume on phone
  12. I'm an environmentalist for animal rights and I think that's ILLEGAL. .. . . full ticket
  13. Aha. . Is dead now. . . .