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  1. MINGGGGGGGGG welcome back bruh
  2. nothing is better then some good old asylum drama
  3. we missed you
  4. and where did t hat money come form? spaceturtles cartels?
  5. its only if you get sent to jail by a bounty hunter most of the time @bamf
  6. RIP MING MURFY 2015 xD
  7. lel
  8. aussie life was good but the map was so laggy so noone played it if they use other map that would be fun yeah
  9. o7
  10. #Bringbacktanoa
  11. ooh no he has my bounty xD
  12. still realy? i lost everthing in the same month busy with work,
  13. i just got ECO that pretty fun nothing is better then a game of heart of iron 4
  14. every key is only 2 euro for me love wen its in dolars xP
  15. remmber you told me that xD