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  1. jacoTRASH
  2. Is it just me or are some clips laggy af? Throw your PC out in the snow and then you will see if the game will still be laggy
  3. @Sijanec man that introduced me to Arma/Asylum
  4. last kill was very intense
  5. You overclock only one core so no point. your base feq is 3.8Ghz, don't know what you want
  6. I make 88k with a box truck and no cartel. 150k/hour doing scotch? Since when? You don't even know what you are talking about. Oh, and stop posting in STRIFE section, ty
  7. Just because you cap cartels with FSA, doens't mean that you are good
  8. Are you talking about that fight when they got wiped in 2 mins?
  9. I was too late for the party
  10. Don't judge my aim, I was playing too much cop lately. Someone show me good rendering settings.
  11. Your problem is that furnace called AMD
  12. -Steam Profile Link: -Steam Game you want: BLACKWAKE - Why you want it: It seems to be a fun game to play
  13. Ban appeal denied
  14. if you woudn't be so inactive, you could make more of them