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  1. Your problem is that furnace called AMD
  2. -Steam Profile Link: -Steam Game you want: BLACKWAKE - Why you want it: It seems to be a fun game to play
  3. Ban appeal denied
  4. if you woudn't be so inactive, you could make more of them
  5. It's lika alcatraz, you can't escape from it.
  6. action taken, thank you for reporting
  7. Windows movie maker
  8. Why is the video the same size as a tablet?
  9. If you are with him in a group/gang and the officer restrains him, kill the cop
  10. 2 people on the enemy side to cap
  11. stop living in the past and start living in reality
  12. sorry, maybe camera?
  13. if AMD = raptor, if NVIDIA = shadowplay, OBS = fps hungry
  14. Bring back Stratis to farm money and remove the guns.