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  1. Lets all get ready to spam them with questions.
  2. Well I wouldn't say diamond drill maybe lock picks. Jail cells to put them in cop HQ can be over run at any time with numbers. Just look at good old kavala.
  3. I'm Most likely wrong. Just saying If it is a monthly Subscription IDK if I would do it. I almost would love to play chess in this game esp if betting is involved.
  4. It does look cool but I don't know if I would want to pay monthly for it not sure about it yet.
  5. I remove my offer since u guys keep usen members to bump price. I would rather u set a buy out for what u want and then start bidding from there. But im not going to pay over 1 mil for that shed.
  6. you nm u want the shed buy it. seems like all ur members have the sheds near by and only trying to jack prices up. other wise you wouldn't be reposting this stuff.
  7. Kenneth

    Change log 8.2.2

    Well I'm happy with my weapons with BH the only thing I wish there was is a way to make more honor. I would care if it was escorting someone, Reviving, or even becoming a taxi driver. Just another way to bring in honor. In like a week or two time generated in between 25 to 35k infamy.
  8. I already offered 900k for shed he wants more not going to pay it though since the illegal zone no longer pop over there. Its only good for booze.
  9. Kenneth

    Change log 8.2.2

    Rebels can make weapons cheap and easy with black market used to store them in gang house.
  10. Kenneth

    Change log 8.2.1

    I think Bounty hunters should have the same as assassins pick a person u want to track from a list from skip tracer or BH locations in towns and then hunt them down.
  11. Yes I get a lot of infamy as a BH and don't even have skills not complaining in case i switch over to rebel again. I want more BH honor yes lol
  12. Kenneth

    Arma Update

    if u guys really wanted to play just revert back to the last patch and play.....
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