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  1. "no I don't want the cadet", im dead
  2. 99

    alright listen buddy I don't know who you think you are fooling, I never wore a watch as a kid
  3. 99

    i thought i already told you not to show anybody my snapchats rosie
  4. the way she is handling the keyboard I can tell she plays Arma better than you do
  5. watching gangwars was a snoozer until you guys starting doing funny shit, pushing into tower without checking anything made me laugh. also when bada was like "I think they want me to make an S for DS, you know like one of those team prehype moments" that shit made me die im happy to see it from ur pov and see you guys laughing
  6. ill keep it, what if somebody asks me where I got my sig
  7. They look really good, seriously though, ya'll should ask for some
  8. Retard
  9. Who am I like and stuff? What's this mean
  10. link good playlists, youtube, spotify, doesnt matter ty since saying spotify doesn't clarify apparently, music please.
  11. Kissanime, has like every anime, and you can bookmark animes and stuff like that. For english just type in whatever anime and press dub, sub is better imo though.
  12. remove ur sakurasou picture you fuck, that was my old picture
  13. Stop watching after you finish SOA, you will get aids if you keep watching
  14. @The Weeb @OperationSB @Ibraheem we can't help him, he is too far gone