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  1. ill keep it, what if somebody asks me where I got my sig
  2. They look really good, seriously though, ya'll should ask for some
  3. Retard
  4. Who am I like and stuff? What's this mean
  5. link good playlists, youtube, spotify, doesnt matter ty since saying spotify doesn't clarify apparently, music please.
  6. Kissanime, has like every anime, and you can bookmark animes and stuff like that. For english just type in whatever anime and press dub, sub is better imo though.
  7. remove ur sakurasou picture you fuck, that was my old picture
  8. Stop watching after you finish SOA, you will get aids if you keep watching
  9. @The Weeb @OperationSB @Ibraheem we can't help him, he is too far gone
  10. You were always nice and respectful Marcus, you always stayed calm in every situation and handled it perfectly. I am still amazed on how you didn't easily climb in P2, that is 100% the higherups fault other than J Urban and Con's. I always loved playing with you, you were so quiet but every-time you spoke it was a reasonable and smart thing to say, you were also mysterious (my take on it) and I loved that. Like I could never get a grasp of your true personality, you were just an all around great guy. Goodluck on everything from here on out. Hopefully one day Asylum will grow and we can fight together again.
  11. @massi
  12. goodbye my friend. I wish you goodluck on Olympus. We need to play sometime though.
  13. hi i want an @ sky is making fun of me for not having one