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  1. the fucking bong hit im dying nothing is as good as the monkey eptic tho
  2. + the monkey masks
  3. I think it's an addiction now
  4. what happened to the old eptic I need to please myself to quality monkey pictures not these trippy videos
  5. taking over ur topic a lil. what about cpu's like i7 7700, and motherboards compatible with the 7700?
  6. ur the type of kid to drive 3k out of town then say "drop your shit and ill let you go." like fuck off, I wouldn't walk 3k hahahahahahahahhahahaha If people like you would role-play I would drop my shit, saying "I'm taking your gun off your back, or drop your shit or I'm killing you(r)/partner" is not effective because we hear that everyday.
  7. @Goyneyyy thoughts
  8. TOP 10 VIDEOS I MADE *1 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL* I already got ur next video
  9. thats not true, you called them tramp heads in side chat and logged right after @anyadmins
  10. @Sandwich @Sean That Irish Guy
  11. Combat Medic 20% Increase time in reviving an unconscious player 50% increase time in reviving an unconscious player 75% increase time in reviving an unconscious player I would say lower the time decreased in reviving, 75% is stupid, that would give the attacking rebels literally no time to do a push after they got a pick for example.
  12. hey guys just wanted to say whats up looks like everyone is doing good, ill drop by with some cocoa later too
  13. lol.