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  1. We all miss you @Boris #giftborisPUBG
  2. thought this was another one of ur shitty plug-ins also rank?
  3. How could you forget Let It Go
  4. @Rodrigo maybe u get this?
  5. Don't know how to embed this shit so ye
  6. there is actual kavala clips in here..
  7. Congrats on Admin/Mod/Support/Contributor/Chief of Police/Captain/Lt/Sgt/Corporal/Squeaker
  8. watch the whole thing, trust me, people would want to get into your house to see it.
  9. YOU CAN'T TAKE @Mayhem'S GLORY YOU BITCH goodluck on future tutorials though I guess
  10. Double tapped V maybe? idk
  11. Thanks for telling me, can you give me the modified layout so I can try it out?
  12. Can I fly helicopters with a joystick as well as someone would with a keyboard? For example, hot drops, etc. Thanks!
  13. shit video where's the update
  14. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)