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  1. I was there robbing the store and @Gregg was undercover and took me down then you killed him and he came back in a red offroad. You stole his offroad and I eventually got a pardon.
  2. I see Gang vs Gang stuff possibly returning?
  3. Oh my god, I’m fucking dying of laughter here. Thanks I guess for turning me into meme lol.
  4. Who said I was mad? I'm not mad at all.
  5. Going forward. They need to mention that on the P1 Rules and Guidelines.
  6. @wollie35 tbh I wasn't really expecting the promotion at all. I do need to clear up some misunderstanding that seems to be going on around here; I'm not exactly mad at the P1 staff. I'm just very disappointed they are breaking the requirements of their precinct rules. I don't have any ill feelings with Blackblade. He's very good at what he does but still rules are rules but that apparently that doesn't mean anything here if the Lt's don't follow them. If he met the age requirements for sergeant then hey, more power to him. You can call me mad, you can call me salty. It's whatever but what matters is that I do need to go by the proper channels to voice my concerns. Also nice video @Smee
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