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  1. all these fucking stans saying eminem won i actually cant quote a single bar from em's "diss" shit was fucking awful
  2. he's a wanna be @6ix God definitely not his alt account saying this btw
  3. its a deng game battlefield 3/4 are where its at
  4. Level 31, looking for people to play with that have DLC, hmu battle net is 22654 // Eazy Got a clan if ya want to join too.
  5. lmao
  6. @McLovin' @Mate throwback nd a hauf
  7. 2015: "Yall hear summ?"
  8. one ur vid was u just shooting a cop in the back two ur video isnt a throwback, its literally not even from more than 6 months ago
  9. Uploaded on 5 Apr 2018 yeah nice throwback buddy
  10. i thought the same i saw it and i thought "dont do this slim" then i listened, and i was so happy to be wrong
  11. I was first to say his last album was trash but god this new album is fucking n u t s
  12. do u want slapped cunt
  13. nope, everyone hates him
  14. if you get excited over identity releasing, i dont want to know what life you lead
  15. @McLovin' and @Schiang's is better