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  1. who the fuck is that squeezer
  2. wait rank 10 faceit fuck... holy fucj ..
  3. why every1 posting bad cs montages
  4. Imagine being assmad u got passenger seated in a police HQ lol literal mut gets ronald banned sad
  5. Lmfaooo. All For some Big Cummers? Lmao. More Cum Coming Soon, fr fr.
  6. good shit. cant wait to play.
  7. In-Game Name: pacifist Location: us Age: 19 Previous Gangs: synergy torment rd Arma 3 Hours (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/0ca6c6eb3d027e37b58272bd05058a82 How much money do you have? 130k Do you know anyone in the gang who will vouch for you? (Names) motard Is there anything beneficial you can bring to us other than shooting, flying, or roleplaying skills? no
  8. why are a bunch of people i wiped with the bottom of my shoe 2 years ago in here talking shit about this guys montage
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