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  1. Was thinking about that. Would bring some life to the forgotten part of altis. Although with distance like that I feel that it should reward more for the trouble getting out there.
  2. The APD would also need the masks/suits to enter the area
  3. Based on @Gen. Henry Arnold 's comment it seems like he already has something lined up. I'm interested to see what exactly is planned.
  4. Any more insight other than whats in the video?
  5. After reading @Luciens recent suggestion for a new money making I figured we could definitely do better (Sorry). With the recent release of v2 and the Arma 3 Contact content, I don’t think there is a better time than now to suggest this idea I’ve had for a while now. Background: A substantial amount of uranium was found underground in Altis. One (or several) mines have been opened up. They are located in remote areas due to the strong radioactivity. Miners may be searched by the APD at any time while in the 300m radius at either the mine or refinery to check for the proper licensing. How it works: Only players with the proper equipment (hazmat suit and/or gas mask) may enter the mine without being harmed by the radioactivity. In order to mine, a player will need the clothing listed above and a pickaxe. Uranium can be collected in the player’s Y-Inventory and stored in any vehicle. The raw uranium can be taken to the uranium refinery where it can be turned into processed uranium (license required). The processed uranium can be sold at the commodities trader for a fair price. Final Notes: 1. This is only a suggestion and things can be changed so don't flame me. 2. I don’t know if half this stuff is even possible. 3. I see how the clothing requirement could be voided as most do not have the DLC and will have watermarks when they have it on. 4. Can be illegal/legal. Either could be argued 5. If you have any suggestions, please comment below! 6. #Lucien4Sgt
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Was surprised a second bridge was added. The prison (v1 version) was difficult for cops but that's how it should be. Actually forced us sgts to pull armor even though my bank account did not approve.
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