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  1. get someone to rewrite them into stories lmao
  2. was drinking vanilla coke friend said he hated vanilla coke u know the rest. 'dot' comes from when bamf kicked me off mid cartel fight because my name was a period '.'
  3. 'left right left right'
  4. honestly takes more skill to do this
  5. ftfy
  6. watched this yesterday old news Sincerely, Braceface
  7. those knife kills dude
  8. *insert edgy comment about how pre 6.0 was better times and how they should just revert it back to then here*
  9. I'd be down. I play mostly retail, but was looking towards starting a char on warmane, just had no one to play with.
  10. and how many times have you gone outside in those 63 hours?
  12. dude wtf man
  13. tfw the east coast storm surge was real af and the hurricane came straight central instead of along the west coast COMPLETELY FUCKED ME BOYS