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  1. seems like there's a shooting every other fucking week in FL now shit has me really kind of scared
  2. thought u got trapped under ice irl and it was going to be a video of people getting u out but no ur fuckin lame
  3. easiest way to avoid cops camping donor a. buy a house b. alt-f4 when u spawn
  4. rain at night is straight cancer
  5. Sij LUL
  6. i wear a size 8 1/2 u got some big foot feet dawg
  7. There are downsides on each server. Asylum has little to no fights, but a way more competent admin team. Olympus has a fucking ass ball shit ton of fights and an admin team consisting of some of the most autistic people I know. Admins have little direct impact on people fighting cartels though, so it's not like that matters anyway (unless you're Olio LUL) and their gang wars takes about 3 hours, as oppose to 3 weeks.
  8. i use .ahk to make porn with my mouse
  9. WoW

    cokee#11884 im a yung god
  10. end clip is the reason that rock is named 'dickbutt'
  11. doubt he was even around for the first time sheep was banned
  12. add coke#11884 ill be on in 20 or so minutes
  13. talking about destiny